Epos Now - Anyone using it can give advice ?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by tonybassplayer, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Myself and my stepson are on the verge of opening a high street shop selling gifts, accessories, homeware etc combined with a small cafe/coffee shop and I have been looking at EPOS Systems as I want to get our stock management and other controls etc very accurate from day one as we will also be expanding the current online sales part of the business (mainly amazon and eBay at the moment) so knowing exactly what is in stock is going to be critical for the business so getting the right EPOS System is vital.

    Been looking through a lot of them and whilst not without it’s critics Epos Now does seem to be a pretty decent system at a sensible price (we are thinking initially to purchase the software package and use our own iPads to keep costs down)

    Anyone got any real world experience of this or any other system worth looking at ?

    PS. One area that we want to do is to be able to run retail shop AND hospitality software in conjunction with each other which they assure us can be done (just waiting for the demo link to arrive)
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    Hi Tony,

    I’ve only just seen your post. I have extensive experience with EPOS Now - including setting up 5 tills, 3 of which were hospitality and 2 were retail.

    I’ll try and give a detailed answer tomorrow - I have a very busy days trading (hopefully!) tomorrow so it may be in the evening.

    As a preview to that post: There are a lot of things I liked about EPOS Now and some I didn’t. Bad: Their support is sub par and we could never integrate the sage module successfully. Good: user interface, stock control, reporting, mobile app.

    Anyway, I’ll expand further tomorrow.
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    Many thanks for your response

    Good luck with trading today and I look forward to hearing from you later today if you time

    Kind regards

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    The system is pretty good but if you need to call them you can be on the hold for some time although they tell me they are taking on extra staff to resolve this.

    Just make sure you get a decent deal on a merchant account to go with it, aim for lower than 0.3% Debit & 0.5% Credit.
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