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Paul Kelly ICHYB

Moderator, from London

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    1. Vidyala
      Can you give me
      some tips about self employed Businesses in tune of £25000 investment
    2. keenforvat
      hi, how are you? do you have some ebooks on vat providing detailed guidance. if you have please email me? thanks in advance.
      1. Chris The Dropshipper likes this.
    3. Abbas
      Hey Consultant! I am currently running a small business of my own which is clothes for children aged between 3-12 years. I want some buyers in UK who are willing to purchase or if they want a sample, I can certainly courier it to the respective customer. I want to expand my business horizon in the UK due to high demand for eastern clothes. Could you please, try help me out.
      1. Chris The Dropshipper likes this.
    4. WorkALot
      Hello, I'm wanting to go to Networking events and noticed that you are involved in different location and so was wondering if you had a list of up and coming events for the foreseeable future? Many thanks Johnny
    5. vickicuty
      I recently encounter the problem of not receiving VAT repayments due to a late return as the company's bookkeeper had sudden leave . my concern is that are we expecting an VAT investigation due to this problem and is it the reason that the repayment has been delayed or withhold? but if a VAT office do come visit do they give me a period of time to put everything in order before they come?
    6. naiyana somsri
      naiyana somsri
      Hi i would like to know how can i go about checking my pictures before putting them on my online store ebay.. they keep pulling some for copyright
      1. naiyana somsri
        naiyana somsri
        my stuff is not copy on one shirt how can i check them.
        Nov 25, 2015
    7. Lesleyp40
      Not sure if I have the correct contact for my question, I am looking into buying an already up and running business in my local are. I need lots of help to prepare for visiting the bank in order to secure a business loan. I lost an opportunity last year because I was totally unprepared for the questions.
      Hope I am not wasting your valuable time, any advice would be great.
      Many thanks
    8. Saecon1
      Hello can we talk would appreciate your advice
    9. Dr Malik
      Dr Malik

      You seem to know your stuff and it seems like you give genuine advice which is brilliant, anyhow its Malik the thread you posted on earlier today thank you btw.

      I would just like to hear your opinion on exporting cars from the UK to Bangladesh and what would the costs be like to export from this country.

      Thanks again
    10. dynamic08

      Would you mind telling me if there is a way I can check that a company I use in china is still a legally registered business please?

      Thanks mate
    11. dynamic08
      Hi mate I know you know your stuff! I just wanted to know as I have a pallet in a container at felixstowe as we speak.

      the company dealing with customs clearence etc are tryign to charge £90 for delivery which is just plain unreasonable in my view.

      If I pay the rest of their invoice am I allowed to collect the pallet my self from the warehouse? I have telex revised BL.

      Also can I tell my suppliers abroad in future what company I want them to let deal with my imports clearence etc?



      What are your rates like because I would like someone to deal with my imports in future and contact is important for me.
    12. beautycredit
      Hi Paul,

      I'm just slightly worried about you, as I haven't heard from you for a while, is everything ok? are you well? I'll completely undertsnad if you are not able to give anymore of your time to my project.

      I hope to hear from you and hope nothing serious has happened to you, if you could just let me know whether you managed to speak to Debbie at Superdrug so I can try to give her a call myself.

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