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Founder of UKBF, from Northampton, UK

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    1. EquityDragon
      Hi Ozzy, just looking to network with fellow business minded people and to expose my profile, I am UK property trader and i either find, buy or sell pre-repossession properties with discounts. Just looking to raise my profile and find link minded people too...
    2. Fetch
      Hello Ozzy

      I have been told you might be the gentleman to talk to regarding company formations? Do you provide this service?
    3. stewartsetter
      Hi Ozzy, thinking about registering my publication whats your formation rates?
    4. fathippy
      Hi - Kent Accountant recommended that i ask you about a second hand ltd co(!). Don't know whether he was referring purely to setting one up from scratch, but what i need is one that was set up a couple of years ago, ie whose first filing date is about now. Is there any way of doing that? Many thanks
    5. Alpha
      Wonder what this does?
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    Northampton, UK
    Company/Trading name:
    Business Data Group Ltd
    Sole Trader/Limited:
    Limited Company
    Industry Sector:
    Software / Web
    These forums exist as a place for people who, like me in my early self-employed career, feel out of their depth or worried they are making the right decisions ... or simply don't have anyone around them to ask questions or sanity check a thought process. They welcoming to all; but remember sometimes you may not like what you hear, and be respectful that not everyone will agree with what you say. Difference of opinions is vitally important in business to ensure all perspectives are considered.

    In my day job I'm the founder of Business Data Group, and I'm the founder of UK Business Forums.

    I also volunteer my spare time as an Ambassador for young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities in supporting them into meaningful employment, as well as a trained coach and mentor for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

    You can follow me on Instagram at : @richardmosborne
    You can follow me on Twitter at : @RichardOsborne


    Business Email:
    [email protected]


    Richard Osborne : Founder of UK Business Forums
    Connect with my socials : Twitter & Instagram

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