Welcome to UK Business Forums, your central resource for small business knowledge, advice, debate and good old fashioned camaraderie.

First, some background: back in 2004, entrepreneur Richard Osborne took over a small, little-known website of just 30 members. That website, of course, was UK Business Forums. He focused on establishing the brand, driving membership and recruiting moderators, some of whom still dedicate their time to UKBF.

Time travel: back to 2004

The current status of the site is a testament to the early efforts of Richard (who can still be found on the forums, under the username Ozzy). Today, UK Business Forums sees almost nine thousand posts and over half a million users each month.

So, what works? On the forums, we recognise how exciting and liberating running your own business can be. But we also know that it can be stressful, lonely and full of those “am I doing any of this right?” moments. That’s why we’re proud to be involved with UK Business Forums — it’s a place where you can find advice from real people, based on their own real business experiences.

Whether you’re testing out a business idea, struggling with tax or stumped on social media marketing, you’ll always find someone who’ll be able to help on UK Business Forums. The only caveat is that your answer might not be what you wanted to hear.

That’s what makes the forums different. We aren’t here to give you a pat on the back and send you out onto a ruinous path into a business world that’s riddled with Brexit and Amazon shaped uncertainties. We’re here to say what your friends and family probably won’t.

On UK Business Forums you’ll find accountants, marketers, dog walkers, builders, software developers and retailers. In our Running A Business forums, you’ll find small business discussions on everything from setting up in ecommerce to dealing with overseas suppliers. You’ll see intense debates, not all of them useful (a cursory glance of the forums will certainly throw up a Nicki Minaj post or two). For out-of-office chat, you can head to our forum pub, Time Out (bring your own beers!). And, you’ll find opportunities to help your business out with Full Membership, which gives you access to website reviews, our business directory and more.

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