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    Apologies, I do not know what the actual terminology is.

    I am going to make a 5-10 minute video on how ot use our new back office system. I just need someone to blur out confidential information.

    Is there anyone on here who can help with it? If not, what should I be looking for on google? If I type video editor I get software or massive big corporate companies who do adverts for car companies, which seems a little bit overkill.
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    Filmora make a good screen capture recording software thats not expensive nor complicated and lets you blur out parts of the screen, even frame by frame if needed or just long chunks.

    We have used it many times to record something to show a customer a "how-to"
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    Camtasia is good for what you’re describing.
    If that’s much of a hassle for you I can help out too if you send the recorded video.
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    DaVinci-Resolve can do this - and it's free. Hit-Film can also do this and the try-out version is also free.

    DaVinci-Resolve is used by almost every major studio and TV station and it started off life as a $250,000 package. Today it is a loss-leader for Black-Magic Design, who are all set to replace Sony (one day) as a system house offering every stage of production.
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    I have used the Movavi Video Editor previously and it is fantastic tool. You can hide both sensitive information and blur out faces using the intuitive built-in array of filters. It is also easy to download and import. Give it a try!

    I hope this helps.
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