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    1. Ashley Moore
      Ashley Moore
      Ive only just joined the forum and seen your good for mortgages! Is this something you still do?
    2. Mogz
      hi, struggling to navigate myself around this website. Can you PM me as I can't find an inbox to send messages direct to other members. Thanks
      1. Mogz
        I just received an email notification from you with your answers, really appreciate it. For some odd reason it's not showing up on this site as a message you sent me. I can't see any messages, how do i actually DM you on this site? Not user friendly at all annoyingly, I just got a few more questions to ask you.
        Mar 18, 2019
    3. Zimma123
      Hi Tony, are you available to speak about a potential mortgage i require. Regards
    4. Ashley Evans
      Ashley Evans
      Hello. Would it be possible to get some mortgage please?
    5. BenJacobs
      Hi Tony, Mark thought you might be able to help me with the following questions:
      1 How much do banks pay a brokerage for the mortgage? As a % or as a fixed fee?
      2 How much do brokers charge the clients for arranging the mortgage? Is this instead/as well as, commission earned from the bank?
      3 What other income streams can be produced from this type of business, besides the arranging of mortgages?
      Thanks so much,
    6. Nicole Adeyemi
      Nicole Adeyemi
      Hello Tony! I'm Nicole, and i am a young entrepreneur in the process of starting up a London based Property development company. As you can imagine, it's all very novel at the moment. I was reviewing your 'Manchester Mortgage Broker' website and found the content real easy to understand.Are you available to give any advice concerning a few queries i have? If so, i'll PM you my contact details! Thanks
    7. ozy
      Hi Tony,
      Im new to the forum but have read a few threads where you have made some comments. I am looking for a mortgage network which has a low monthly cost as im looking to start up as a self employed mortgage broker (appointed representative). Please PM me when you get a chance. Thanks in advance. Ozy
    8. NatD123
      Hi Tony, I saw a post where you talked about being able to deal with tricky mortgages without accounts. Is this something you deal with still? Thanks, Natalie
      1. ozy likes this.
    9. Jay257
      Tony. My name is Oje. I'm new to the forum. You have a message saying anyone can pmm you regarding mortgages. Is it possible to get one on low wages (£17000) and a poor credit rating?

      Kind Regards

    10. jujojones
      hi - i saw your post on tool insurance and im after the same, so thought i would be cheeky and ask if you could also call me- if you could pm me, as i cant seem to do it (very new here) and i will reply with my number! i am also looking for public liability - thanks Julie
    11. Wicksy
      Hi Tony

      I'm based in the north east - so not that far away from you - sending pdf's and media packs followed by a phone call for an appointment is the way I intend doing things. Anything you can add to help would be great.
      Thanks, Wicksy
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