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It's Major Clanger! Jun 7, 2021

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    1. fisicx
      It's Major Clanger!
    2. Myrichtech
    3. Myrichtech
      How to rank my website please
    4. Myrichtech
      Hi I am new here
    5. pilvyts
      Hello! My name is Artem. I am 16 years old. I'm from Russia.
      I want to find a mentor and do routine online work for him for little money. Rewrite, fill out a document, draw up something, etc. From the skills: I have little experience working in Photoshop and editing video, I have experience managing groups and pages on social networks.
      I am a responsible, honest and accurate person.
      Can you help me with anything?
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    6. UKbusiness2018
      Hi Fisicx. Happy Friday! I need your help. Please help. Im considering taking legal action against UI developer who (to quote another coder) has "tried to build an app in Wordpress plugin". Long story. Any suggestions?
    7. Violinni
      The rat is a dangerous and powerful animal.
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    8. Wesley@Create
      [email protected]
      Why delete a thread 3 months after going live on the same day I begin a conversation with a fellow user?
    9. DavBrown84
      hello, thanks for your response in my post.
      Could you help me with the link building strategy?
    10. webdesignnewcastle
      How do you do direct messages to people?
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    11. Dan Shaw
      Dan Shaw
      Hi, just wanted to confirm that we have paid for full membership and are full site members..... would welcome you to expand on your thoughts regarding our website and the not so good about it. Maybe you can point us in the direction of somebody that can help?
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    12. Dolphin-Design

      I used your aerinone theme for a customer, thank you very much I hope thats ok.

      The customer specified he didn't like the 'hamburger' menus. I remember seeing your posts about them which led me to your site and theme.

      Thanks again

      Kind Regards
      Dolphin Design & Print

      This is the site:
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    13. PrintDan

      Do you charge a set fee to review my website?

      If you could email me at [email protected] brandingsolutionsltd . that would be great!

      Best Regards
    14. Paul Hopwood
      Paul Hopwood
      This is the message i get both on trying to log into wordpress or my website ...Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_cache_get() in /var/sites/c/carpetcleaningmorecambe. co. uk/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 1117
    15. Paul Hopwood
      Paul Hopwood
      Hi Graham, ive ran into a problem with my website that you helped me set up. I got a message to find anoth cache plugin so i downloaded one but got a message it was not compatible with another plugin so i tried to deactivate it but kicked me out of wordpress and took website off. I dont know what to do, please help
    16. James61190
      I am new to the site and i wasn't sure if you received my last message as i replied directly from my emails.

      Kind Regards,

    17. Bartholomew Hearn
      Bartholomew Hearn
      Hello there,
      I came across you here at UKBF,
      what kind of services do you offer?
      I visited both websites listed, but could not find a service list,
      thank you
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    18. DreamEnviro
      Hi Graham

      Ive sent you a Pm regarding your help on my website (GODADDY/VIDAHOST)
    19. SeanDigitalSave
      Just had a good chat with Graham on the phone regarding some changes we could make to our website. He was very informative and very happy to have a good long talk with me about some key issues. I now have a good idea and a good few days of work I can get on with. Very friendly, very knowledgeable!

    20. Ventures
      would you mind reviewing my website?
      1. fisicx
        I've only just seen this (I ought to look at my profile more often). PM sent
        Oct 30, 2014
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    Effective Website Design - Free Help, consultation and advice for your website - (apparently the worse site ever according to some UKBF members...)
    The Tradesman Theme - A free theme for tradesmen with built in testimonials, contact forms and SEO functions. Designed for ease of use with a whole load of styling and editing features.
    Financial Calculators - Wordpress plugins to calculate just about anything. If you can't find what you want I can make it for you.