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    Hello all,

    New to the forum and starting a business in general.

    The company I have just set up will be running paid entry prize competitions via our website, all within the rules set by the Gambling Commission.

    I am struggling to find a payment processor/gateway that allows what is classed as gambling, and is prohibited by many of the main processors such as Stripe, PayPal and I've just got off the phone with Worldpay who told me they also don't allow it. Waiting on an email back from SagePay but I'm not holding my breath.

    The chap at Worldpay told me it's the actual card companies like MasterCard and Visa who don't like these sorts of transactions but I've used competitors websites and they accept these cards plus AMEX with no trouble?

    Does anybody have any advice, experience or guidance as to where I can find a payment processor that will accept these sorts of payments? I am using Woocommerce on Wordpress as my platform if this makes any difference.

    Thank you,
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    We don't work with any acquirers ourselves that support this sector but if you look on Payment Brain you should find some 'high risk' providers that you could speak with. The comments from the chap at WorldPay could be true in that there will be minimum requirements (i.e. turnover) and registration fees to be paid for acceptance in certain sectors by the card schemes.
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    Try Secure Trading. They cover high-risk industries, Adult, Gambling, CBD, etc.

    I have a contact there who will give you an introductory discount. Let me know if interested.

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    Seconding Secure Trading suggestion. I have a business with them that a few others wouldn't touch.

    Great people and easy to deal with. Not the cheapest but the cheapest aren't always an option.
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