Need Recommendations for a Magento 1 - 2 Migration & Re-design

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    Hi Guys

    Anyone here got recommendations for Magento 1-2 Migrations, I've a few quotes in already and they are varying massively in price and length of time to complete.

    Have any of you Migrated already?

    How long did it take? & Ball Park Figure how much did you spend?
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  2. Mike Hayes

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    I assume you know already but Magento 2 isn't a simple upgrade from Magento 1. The website needs to be freshly built on Magento 2 and the existing data imported. This combined with the fact you're going for a redesign at the same time (which isn't a bad idea) means quotes will come out similar to asking for any brand new e-commerce website to be built.

    I recently migrated a client from Magento 1 but to Craft Commerce instead of Magento 2, similar process given it's a new build in either case. The client has to learn the new backend but I hear they're pleased with the simpler interface (the project is via an agency).

    The quotes will depend on the size of your website, the number of products and whether you're looking to work with a freelancer or an agency. I would expect £5,000 as an absolute bare minimum from a good freelancer for this type of work. Could be much more depending on your requirements and of course expect more if working with an agency.
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    Hi @Sparetoolparts

    Quotes will always vary depending on the type of agency (mainly dev vs mainly creative). The latter tend to be a bit more expensive because they have bean bags, office slides and sleep pods to pay for.

    You can also go with a UK dev company or an off-site one. It really depends on your budget and timescales.

    The quote will also depend on:
    • The complexity of your site
    • The number of products
    • Any customisation you have in place
    • Any back-end integrations
    If you DM you contact details, I'd be happy to have a chat.

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  4. Sparetoolparts

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    When I first took on Magento 1, I sorted it all myself got a fresh install and started adding products from scratch, I'm half tempted to do the same again, but my time is now totally taken up with running the business and I don't have anyone in house.

    So yes I'm aware it is practically a new site Build as for SKU's it's over 1 Million but they are all simply products
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  5. crackerjackcommerce

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    I saw this website which might help you:

    I would speak to someone on here who has actually done it/ does it for a living and at the very least they will educate you and give you a bit of an action plan.

    Over the next few months I would expect to see many companies/extensions popping up for migration now that Magento 1 support date was announced so it would be worth holding off, especially if Q4 is a busy period for you.
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  6. Jacky Nikson

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    Let me explain to you some details about the Magento upgrade.
    • The time you need to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 varies anywhere from one week to two months for simple websites. However, if your online shop is a complicated system with many third-party integrations, custom implementations, and contains a large database with thousands of products, the movement to Magento 2 will take from 4 to 6 months.
    • Cost. For simple websites, on average, the migration process takes between 90 to 210 hours, and from 270 to 510+ hours for intricately customized Magento 1 websites. You should note that in Eastern Europe, developers charge approximately $45 per hour, while in Western Europe the price varies between $51 and $100+.
    • Difficulties. The Magento system includes complex components and multifaceted processes, so the upgrade requires special technical knowledge. Regardless, to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a much easier task than to build a website from scratch, since you already have the framework in place for your updated store.
      Every element of your website should be redone, including functionality, front-end, extensions, and back-end. Сustom functionality such as ERP and CRM integrations, and custom categories should be developed anew so they operate accurately on the new system.

      When our team migrates data from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we do it in only two steps. At first, we move the relevant online store data and then implement the delta migration. After, our Magento developers explore functionality, write new code, add tools and modules, and do whatever else is necessary for completion.

      If you’re concerned about losing money and customers over the course of the development, don’t be. While the upgrade takes place, your Magento 1 store is still fully functional, taking orders and returning profit.

      It is only when we run the delta migration that we put the website in maintenance mode, but it’s not for long. At this critical stage, developers also run final testing and debug errors. The result? Your store is complete and bug-free! The Magento 1 and Magento 2 website databases are identical, so your new store is right on track to generate income.
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  7. crackerjackcommerce

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    Assuming middle of the road/ complex custom site: 300 hours @ $65, that is almost $20,000 - of course, each company is unique, however at what point does it become more cost effective to build a new site?

    Can the online store data be imported into a new Magento instance built from scratch?

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  8. EddyRock

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    You can divide the migration into 2 parts: data migration and re-design.
    1. Data migration: if you have about 1 million products, the migration time can take up to 1-2 weeks (including images migration). The cost is about $1000. You can hire Next-Cart magento migration service. They are really good on Magento migration field.
    2. Re-design: this process will take up to 2 months. You will need to hire an agency to install/update your extensions and theme. I strongly recommend you to choose a new theme and install 2.x version of your extensions first, then hire Web development agency to do the rest. It will be much cheaper. The cost is about $5000 for this task.
    I'm a leader of a Web development team. If you need help, please feel free to contact me.
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