How we can stop global warming

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    To be frank our understanding is so weak that for all we know us releasing greehouse gases could in fact be delaying the current iceage that we don't want to return to full glory. Every single tonne of CO2 could be posposoning a planetary reset by a few years.

    So on that basis, even the 'do what we can' argument falls down. We just arn't powerful enough to make or break anything on a plantary scale. It's quite big headed to think we are!

    The bottom line is that our planet is not back in rude health until all the ice has melted and the temperature picks up by 2.5 degrees globally. Yellowstone is also way overdue, and we want it to go pop sooner rather than later if we are to hope that the species survives in meaningful qty's.

    There are so many unknowns. All that we do know, is that any species who wants to safeguard themselves from planatary events, avoidable or otherwise, needs to set up camp off the planet. If we make that leap, then we are really safe - if not, we are hanging on a knife edge and always have been, no matter what we do.
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    The earth we now leave is becoming more and more warmer, we need to cut down the increase of carbon dioxide anp plant more trees to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
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    I'm with you Movietub - what will be will be! The earth has been changing for many years. We complain that the last winter was the worst on record etc etc - no it wasn't. We only started keeping records in the 1800's anyway. Well that, on earth terms, was just a second ago. The earth is cooling down so it's going to change. There will be earthquakes and strange weather patterns and as the sun is changing too it will also affect us. Nothing we do will make much difference to that.
    However...... I believe we should still sort ourselves out as far as using less chemicals is concerned. That is going to make our world so toxic we'll be long dead before the earth burns out - or freezes out. We chuck chemicals around like they're not going to come back and bite us - are we thick or what? Plastic bags that hang around for 1000 yrs polluting our seas, or worse degrade slowly in the ground so our crops can suck up the nice soup of chemicals. Not to mention the amount of chemicals which go down the drain from toiletries/cleaners etc. Don't get me started. Talk about a toxic world! If you've not heard of a Gyre have a look on Youtube - Pacific Garbage Dump.
    Maybe it's already too late to do anything about it.:(
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    The answer to the question of the OP - is very simple.


    the climate change wibble wobble will be like a sedate Vicars Tea party compared to the population chaos to come.

    The great minds of the day would be better off concentrating their efforts in this direction rather than faffing around with tree rings.

    Just a study of human nature will show this can only end badly.

    civilisation is going to implode under it's own weight :(
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    Well if anyone was watching James Lovelock on BBC4 documentary last night he kind of said it all. Really scary at the end when he said he reckoned we had between 10 and 100 years and the balance would tip climatically. And there's nothing we can do about it! Now that such large areas of the polar ice caps are melting so quickly we are basically headed down the pan :( He reckoned there would be less than 1bn people left by the end - if that!
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    "Global Warming" is simply the latest opiate-of-misinformation to stop the middle-class-dinner-party segment of society discovering independent thought - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    Global temperatures are in *decline* on average - so we're back to the 30 year old idea of global cooling on the whole, although I'm simply behind the "English Weather Is Generally [email protected]" camp :p
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    'the man behind the curtain'? In some cases, obviously. However Lovelock is an independent scientist and has no axe to grind. He admits he could be wrong but unfortunately all his other predictions have been uncannily right! As he sees it, the polar ice caps melting have a huge effect simply from the fact that they, being white and covering such a big area for a given length of time, reflected a significant amount of the sun's rays away from the earth, so keeping us cool. If they're gone then we heat up. Simple equation.
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    if that was the cas then we'd do something about the earth without profiting and taxing people to the hilt. But unfornatly governments are using this as an excuse to rip us off to the tune of billions each year, and still with little or no effect on the whole outcome of global warming.

    Lose the Taxes, the crimianal records and the fines and then people might just believe in global warming just a bit.

    I don't seem to see many "Eco" people demonstating about criminalising decent normal people for leaving their bin lids open 25mm all in the name of global warming, But supporting "global warming as it is your also supporting the "Green Taxes" the fines and the criminalising of decent ordinary people.
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    Governments have certainly jumped on the 'global warming' bandwagon with great glee. Look at all the jobs that have been created and the money it has brought in - doesn't mean it's not happening though. Joe Public will never actually ever be told the exact truth whatever's happening. I mean.... we might panic or worse, might take charge :D It's rediculous people being charged for not closing their bin properly or putting the wrong stuff in the wrong bin. You're not supposed to put out more bags than will fit in your bin but well, if you give the bin men a nice box of chocs at Christmas......... I have no problems :p

    Personally I don't think our little contribution either to heating up the planet or trying not to heat it up will make a jot of difference. I do think we should still make the best of the resources we have though and not waste things so I'll still recycle and use degradable bags.
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    Yes! Global warming has made billions, enough for taxpayers to stump up 3 million per wind turbine which the government gives to EDF as a form of subsidy ( A French Company) who in turn charge us the most expensive Electricity in the whole of Europe, so yes there are loads of Chairmans and Shareholders getting extremely rich

    Sorry but Green don't wash with me, i drive a landrover discovery, cos i like it, and i pay through the nose to have one, I just love leaving my lights on, and try my hardest to have the largest carbon footprint this side of russia :D

    Our kids in 20 years time will laugh at the biggest scam of the last 30 years
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    Well.........don't know if your kids will be laughing at the mess we've made they're going to have to live in! We're using up resources fast. The oil will be gone in time. It's not going to last for ever. Coal is getting too deep to mine so how are you going to make electricity? Nuclear would probably be most sensible in a way but what do you do with the byproduct which is so lethal? We can't get rid of what we already have. Wind power is not as efficient or economical as water power (ie turbines under the water in a tow) but that wont keep us going. And then as I mentioned before, we have a toxic world now and getting worse year on year. We produce chemicals by the ton - and women can absorb up to 5lb in a year with makeup, shampoo, bodywash, perfume, deodorant etc.

    Just because you believe global warming is a scam doesn't mean it's not happening. Are the polar ice caps melting? Yes. It can be proven. For them to melt so quickly can only be because the average temperature isn't cool enough to keep them frozen. I really don't think you leaving your lights on will make any difference to anyone or to the bigger picture - apart from your bills if you mean house lights :D However if everyone left the lights on in their houses all the time then the grid wouldn't be able to cope. So it is with everything else. If you waste it unnecessarily then don't expect it to be around for your kids or grandkids.
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    The earth evolves just like we do, 300 years ago, before the industrial revolution the earth was a greener place to live in, but now its changed and we have evolved too. I don't think anyone in their lifetime can damage the earth so much that it will not be able to repair itself, That happens all the time.

    Life is to short to woryy about things like global warming, is mrs jones having an affair or other trivial matters.

    if the worst did happen and oil ran out then we'd all be driving cars on Hydrogen, yes we already have cars that do, but they are owned by Oil based companies, believe me the minute oil runs out we will have a cleaner alternative. But oil is ££££££'s, Governments and oil companies know this and they continue to keep using it whilst its generating ££££'s
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    Wharever you believe is true about climate change, I wholeheartedley agree that we are/have been wasteful in respect of the planets finite resources.

    I also know that there is a great deal of lip service paid to environmental issues, and larger organisations can afford to 'green themselves up' to appear to be highly conscientious.
    Along with some councils who limit the number of bins available per household and only collect every two weeks which only means long queues on a week-end at the local tip (sorry recycling centre!) I hate to think the amount of extra fuel used not to mention adding to traffic and pollution.

    Protecting the environment or natural resources is a very complex process and dumping your old 'gas guzler for a brand new 'eco friendly model' is not the answer-think how much resource has gone into the new car!;)

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    I'm up in Scotland so we've had collections once a fortnight for quite a while now. One week is recycling week and the next is the ordinary bin. I sometimes only need to put mine out once a month - not that I'm being very green really but I got a composter and a green cone so a lot of the stuff that used to go in the bin now goes into the cone or composter so I get nice compost that I don't need to pay for. :)

    You're right of course, the companies do jump at green issues as a way to appear conscientious - like Tesco wanting to put wind turbines out the front of some of their stores. Their sign is big enough thank you very much!

    I don't think anyone is saying someone should dump their 'gas-guzzler' but perhaps when you come to change your car just choose one that people can see past at a junction or when you're reversing out of a parking space at the supermarket and which doesn't need to take up 2 spaces because it's so big you don't want it to get scratched :D Nobody actually needs an American sized car over here - unless you're a farmer or doing off-road stuff maybe. Mrs Jones with a massive car she can't reverse or manoeuvre particularly well who only uses it to take the kids to school and get her shopping is just daft. It's just a status symbol I think. It's more expensive to run and to repair and although it may be safer for the 1 person in it, it's a nightmare for everyone else. Rant over :D
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    A Prius actually gas guzzles as much as say-- a BMW 5 SERIES - Nooo a real gas guzzler would be something like a Corvette Stingray circa 1960 - 17 miles to the G - but my oh my what a sound!

    So it's 4 X 4 you have a problem with really - the sh"cool" run cliche' - with the bobbed haircut and BIG sun glassed up yummy mummies at the wheel cause me no end of mirth - seems even the rich don't realise they have insecurity on show and a need to belong to a gang, whilst thinking they are giving some kind of fashion statement and being unique.Don't they see it? All very weird

    breaks up the monotony of the day I suppose.:)
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    I must admit I do smile when they get stuck and can't reverse into a space - ok if there's a wall behind them but if there's a normal sized car :eek: It's just BIG I don't get. 4x4 or not.

    Why oh why do we have to copy the good old USA all the time? Can't we just be us anymore? They have something so we want it too. Whether it's big cars or portion sizes. We used to be world leaders but now we just follow on like sheep. We used to laugh at the size of Americans and wondered how they managed to get so big - pity someone didn't actually try and find out why before all the fast food outlets opened up in every town and Coke got a choke hold :rolleyes: Don't get me started on the size of our cakes now compared to what they were even 15 years ago. No wonder people are getting fat. We think we're getting value for money because we get a huge cake for £1 or a massive plate of food (which would actually feed 2 easily) for just a little more than a half size portion. We're so gullable it's scary.

    Sorry I digressed from the actual thread. To bring it back to subject, the same sort of thing applies to the amount of washing up liquid/shower gel etc etc everyone is encouraged to use via advertising. You see this guy in the shower absolutely covered in suds, so he must be clean right? Well I would hope so since he's used half the bottle and it's mainly made up of SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) which is basically used as an engine degreaser and is just a cheap foaming agent. Lots of suds and all the natural oils out of your skin - that's probably why loads of people have itchy skin/eczema/psoriasis etc. Plus all of that is going straight down the drain and into our water system. Who knows what all those chemicals are doing to the environment once they're out there. They have all been tested of course :rolleyes: maybe - but not in combination - only individually. So no-one actually knows what they all do in combination. They believe they know a certain amount is safe to use, so if you have less than that amount in say, a shower gel that you use all year you'll still be safe enough - but they don't take into account all the other products containing the same chemical you put on your skin. Shampoo, toothpaste, shaving foam, moisturiser, cleanser, toner, makeup etc etc. It's really scary when you look into it. Check out the cosmetic database on google and you can check out your own products to see what's in them - if you dare!
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    Yes I agree the 4x 4 school run is a joke and a lot of them seem to park as close as they can to the school gates which is dangerous.

    As commercial removers we use large 17tonne pantechnicons which are regularly maintained and using optimised journey planning and satelite monitoring we can reduce our diesel usage.

    When we have to replace a vehicle or add to the fleet we carefully consider all the options available at that time.

    We have looked into alternative fuels but as others have mentioned bio fuels have a detremental effect on indigenous populations which are forced to grow them instead of food crops and there seems to be many conflicting arguments over sustainability and other emmissions.
    Electric vehicles also have their own impact regarding battery manufacture, and although there have been some recent developments with larger vehices, they are extremely expensive.

    Surprisingly, perhaps to some, our mileage is not that high due to the fact that once the lorry arrives at the loading point it is stationery as it is at the offloading site and is not constantly on the road. :)
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    These are some tips that will help you to stop global warming.

    1. Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb

    2. Install a programmable thermostat
    3. Clean or replace filters on your furnace and air conditioner
    4. Do not leave appliances on standby
    5. Don't let heat escape from your house over a long period
    6. Defrost old fridges and freezers regularly
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    Reduce carbon emissions, and less panting, ha ha, a joke.
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