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    Hi all,
    I've launched a new little SaaS business: uptimeANT. I know for a fact there's more I could be doing on the home page to drive conversions. I'm also sure the design is probably a bit too busy in parts.

    As well as design criticisms, I'd be keen to know how you feel about the service itself. Does it fail to differentiate itself from the competition, or does it leave you with worries or doubts? I'm thinking it needs some testimonials but I'd really welcome the advice and criticism of UKBF who helped me turn my first online business' home page into a success.

    I've been writing code and building the site for around 8 months, so it's really essential that I can see it through some non-biased eyes.

    Thanks in advance!
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    This might sound a bit daft but if you access your site on a mobile the first thing you see is the 'site can't be reached' graphic. I wonder how many people might think that means your site can't be reached so they don't scroll down?
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    My hosting alerts me when I site goes down. Which hasn't happened in umpteen years unless it's something I've done myself.


    It's a busy homepage full of waffle. The services is so simple it doesn't need a lot of explanation, All you really need is the pricing plan. And even that's overly complicated.

    People will only ever be on the site because they want to know if their site is down. So do the same as everyone else and let me check now. Underneath this show me the monitoring plans and a means to sign up.

    Your T&C tell me nothing about the service.

    It wouldn't apply to me anyway as I'm not SAAS or ecommerce.

    What does "we inspect your web page for error codes and not just the server itself." mean?

    And just like @Fagin2021 - on my phone I thought your site was unreachable.
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    Thanks Fagin - very useful feedback. First on the agenda will be switching out that graphic. I hadn't considered that it actually reflects poorly on the site itself rather than illustrating the problem. Looking on mobile I see what you mean - takes up a huge portion of the screen and looks like an error in itself.

    This is great feedback - hadn't considered that there'll be a lot of organic traffic already experiencing site issues. I'll implement an 'is my site down' tool.

    This refers to the fact that it detects page issues rather than just server issues. An example would be when WordPress throws a 'database error'. A service that just pings the server would read everything as being okay, despite the site being completely inaccessible. I'll look into re-wording that.

    Thanks again gents!
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    Think mobile. Build the site in mobile view not desktop.

    Pricing is reasonable but all the waffle hides the key messages.

    And don’t use Yoast, used to be good but it’s been going downhill for years.
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    I quite like it. I was pleasantly surprised. Normally the copy on just about every site that's ever posted up for review is crap, and there's no obvious thought gone into marketing, but yours shows promise.
    It's a really easy service to market; you shouldn't have any trouble getting users.
    Keep us posted; it will be interesting to see how you get on.
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  7. presentationgenius

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    I know it's a side issue to the OP, but what do you recommend instead?

    Back to the main issue: it looks okay to me, but I'm looking at it on a huge screen. I can imagine it looking like an explosion in a graphics factory on smaller screens.

    I know it's early days but I'd love some testimonials and/or some proof that it's saved people money. For example, someone saying "We can XXX enquiries per day from our site, so it's critical we know the moment blah blah blah"
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    @presentationgenius - RankMath.


    The only thing you really need is the ability to create page titles and descriptions. You don’t need a plugin to do this, it’s a simple thing to add to a child theme. Fewer plugins means better performance.
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  9. WebshopMechanic

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    When I visit it seems like 'a nice to have'. There is no real urgency.

    You've got 3 seconds to wow people or make them realise you solve a real problem that is damaging their business. There's nothing here that communicates the pain factor.

    I'm not a copywriter but I would go with something like:
    • Downtime kills your business and loses you customers.
    • 95% of businesses lose money because of downtime.
    • UK businesses lose £50m per year in downtime. Don't let yours be one of them.
    • 85% of Wordpress websites had 3 hours of downtime each month.
    • We're a hosting company's worst enemy. We monitor website uptime!
    You'd obviously need to substantiate the statistics but you get the picture.

    Short. Punchy. Pain. It's the most effective way to sell something. Position the pain, dig at it some more and then provide the solution.

    Also, your copy is all about you and not the customer. Imagine you are at a dinner party and someone comes up to you and starts talking at you, telling you how great they are.

    That's what your website is like. (Don't worry, you're not alone. Many others are like it.)

    Your website copy should be talking to your audience. It should speak to them and highlight the pain and struggles they face with their website downtime or hosting.

    It's not about you. It's about them!

    Other points:

    What is your USP?
    Every business needs a Unique Selling Point. What is yours? Why are you different?

    Case Studies
    You could add a few mini case studies on there that highlights how much money you have saved businesses. That is powerful and add more impact to your offering.

    Social Proof / Reviews
    As @presentationgenius pointed out, you need to get customer testimonials on there. Reviews, Videos and Logos. These are social proof and give you immediate credibility.

    Call to Action
    This is weak. This needs to be punchy also. Accordingly to your pricing plans you offer a 7-day free trial. I would expect to see a massive button that says 'GET 7 DAYS FREE UPTIME MONITORING'.

    This is very dull. Try to use something more exciting or get an illustrator to create something that does your brand and service justice.

    Video Explainer
    Video is the best conversion tool there is. It also keeps people on your site for longer. Maybe get a short explainer video created to give people an easy way to digest your proposition.

    No About page
    About pages help to create trust and establish you as a trusted brand. As things stand, you could be a hacker based in Estonia for all I know. Businesses want to see people behind the business. Would you hand your cash over to someone you didn't see?

    Contact Details
    No telephone number. I know we live in a tech-heavy, automated world but, when you're just starting out, you need a telephone number so prospects and customers can get hold of you. Again, this is a trust factor. Not only that, it gives you the chance to talk to customers to hear their feedback and reservations. This will enable you to better-craft your offering.

    Hope that helps.

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  10. fisicx

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    I've been looking at a number of monitoring tools and the ones that work best focus is all on the prime function. Example:

    There is of course more info if you scroll down but the key on these any many other sites is the actual test is front and centre - no distractions.

    What you can do is show me the results and then upsell - do the things @WebshopMechanic suggested. Get people hooked and then offer the carrot.
    Posted: Jul 26, 2021 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
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  11. The Byre

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    The FIRST thing I do in any B2B deal is to find out who I am dealing with. That is Rule Number One in business! It matters not if it is £5, £50, or £50,000. First things first - who is this person or company and what sort of a record do they have?

    Apparently, in your case, I am dealing with nobody. The company is dissolved, a sister company is also dissolved, the persons involved remain unnamed and all that tells me that there are three possibilities - (a) something dodgy might be going on, or (b) we are dealing with a fantasist, or (c) the person or persons behind this new service are just chaotic and disorganised.

    Neither Uptime Ant nor Blue Dragon Solutions seem to exist as companies or as trademarks.

    I would concentrate on getting the fundamentals and structure of the company right first so that those who are minded to use your services are free to do so.
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  12. itsnathanhere

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    My apologies for going silent - I've been away a couple of days. Thank you all indeed, there's some cracking feedback here and I'll go through and get it implemented ASAP!
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