DPP using internationl tracked mail

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    Hi all,

    Need your assistance please.

    We sell worldwide (clothing), dispatching from the UK, parcels under 2kgs (most are 500grams).
    Currently, we use a broker/aggregator for our international parcels (they use dutch post if I'm not mistaken).

    Since we use international tracked mail (rather than courier), the broker claims you cannot specify DDP or DDU in that kind of shipping method, you can only specify DDP or DDU when using a courier service (for example, DHL).

    My question is:

    He says we can offer a DDP service to the EU if we use our IOSS number on the parcel so the customs in the destination country know VAT and DUTY have already been collected. Makes sense (although I hear it doesn't always work). What about the rest of the world? is there no DDP option for them?

    We recently received our IOSS number (which I will review here after we actually start using it).
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