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May 15, 2011
The best payroll by far, online,access all times, no updates,employees get emailed wage slips and account. RTI sorted, reports more than you ever need,great value. This program has kept me right, in control and on the right side of HMRC, after the investigation.... couldn't recommend it enough.
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I need recommendation on payroll software that can work for around 20 employees, please let me know if there is any affordable though effective payroll software.



I use a company called eSlip / Costs about £40 pcm for up to 10 employees.

They are great, one email a month to them and I get a full pdf package back and payslips in the post a few days later.

Can't recommend enough.

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I regularly get my hands on Sage, Quickbooks and Moneysoft and would say that Moneysoft is by far the easier and quicker software - also an awful lot cheaper than the other two.
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Sep 26, 2013
I absolutely hated sage payroll. I honestly couldn't accurate convey my dislike of that product accurately without risking a ban.

I found out in the end that the best software for us was no software! I now email the details to a payroll agency once a month and get everything back next day. Absolutely painless, costs me about £4 per head and I don't have to deal with Sage or pay for their software updates.

If you want a number let me know.
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