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    My name is Emir Alicic, I graduated on Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, September 2015. With 3.5 years of professional experience in software development and engineering (November 2017.) I founded software development company "Gradient", registered in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with main business goal of providing software development services and building software solutions (web, desktop, mobile and industry) for business owners and companies (B2B concept). Company currently has 2 employees and we are performing necessary strategical steps to achieve company growth. We do so with goal to provide higher quality service standards for our current clients and to prepare adequate base for new ones.
    Our main mission is to extend existing (not necessary software related) business processes with adequate software solutions. Final goal of our solution is, indeed, to support business process it is built for.

    My reasons for registering on this forum are:
    - Informational -> We search for information about different business domains, software solution needs, experiences of other members and we also want to share ours - so all sides can get benefit out of it.
    - Connecting -> Fastest way to get some additional information, to learn something (what most likely is general goal) is discussion, meeting other people, getting their experiences and sharing your own.
    - Supporting -> To reach some goal, sometimes short advice from experienced person in field, can make big difference in the goal achievement result. We are FOR sharing, not against it.

    I am looking forward for discussions on this forum with you people.

    Best regards,
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    Hello and Welcome Emir
    Posted: Jan 22, 2019 By: HFE Signs Member since: Feb 17, 2011
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