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    Hello Everyone,
    I have been building up a website of resources and tools for Developers / SEO Specialists and general webmasters / business owners.

    There are a bunch of purpose-built tools available already such as keyword extractors, HTTP header checkers, redirect chain checkers and etc.

    Just looking for some feedback and tool suggestions if you have any that you need yourself, and hope that the site gives you some tools that might help your day-to-day tasks.

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    Looks good, we also like to use vectorfy
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    I’d like to comment but I’m forced to sign up with disqus - and that’s really annoying.

    Some of the tools are useful but the organisation is a little disjointed. For example, very few of the seo tools have much to do with seo.
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    After a further think, the two beneath would also be a great addition along with vectorfy.

    JSUI - this UI toolkit is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to create and manage large JavaScript projects. This enables you to create new apps, project files, search apps, apply plugins and you are also supplied with a project dashboard to manage everything.

    VuePress - a great developer tool made of two constituent parts - a default theme optimised for writing technical documentation and a static site generator featuring a theming system and a plugin API. Every page has its own pre-rendered static HTML which enables considerable loading performance and makes this tool very SEO-friendly!

    I hope this helps.
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