Threats & Blackmail?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by AvangoCouriers, Aug 5, 2019.

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    I've been in a legal battle with a customer for the last 8 months trying to get what I'm owed for the delivery services we provided for his company.

    Recently I got in touch to say that if he wanted to settle before court then it would be a good time to make an offer because we're getting too close to the court date to turn back now.

    The resulting barrage of emails flying back and forth were horrendous. The guy had clearly lost his cool and was just aggressively spouting all kinds of abuse back at me.

    Most of it washed off me no problem but in one of his last emails he suddenly blurted out "I know you have mental health issues" (which I don't) and then stated "I suggest you seriously consider the offer because you don’t want H&S, immigration and insurance companies knocking on your door."

    I'm intending to use this in court against him, but my questions is:- could this be considered more serious? Is it a threat or even blackmail?
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    You made a mistake contacting him once you had decided to go to the court route IMO, but you are where you are.

    I doubt the court will consider anything other than your evidence and his defence regarding this matter. If you must email again I would simply withdraw any offer, but better to just ignore and leave it to the court.
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    I assume by the fact you are posting this, you are compliant with your legal obligations.

    In which case, just ignore it, crack on with your normal legal processes. In future, do not make any offers to customers, just follow your process and stick to it. In essence you have blinked and he thinks you do not want to court - reality is, you probably dont if nothing else than for the time it will take.

    When the small claims paperwork drops on his mat he will either pay or he wont. If he wont, you see him in court and a judge decides. Take the paperwork and when he comes out with rubbish, just show them the email showing he is just spouting rubbish and stick to the facts.

    We have only gone down the small claims once and I am convinced it is because I look(ed) young and I shown some compassion for his situation. He thought I would not follow it up and ignored all calls and emails. Small claims paperwork hit his doormat and he paid the next day. I took great delight in sending the email that said Thank you for the payment, please accept this email as confirmation it has been received.

    The funny thing was, I called him - no answer. I left a message that said if he calls in the next 15 minutes to make payment I will not file it with small claims, if he does not it will add £60-70 to his bill. He did not call. He then paid the full amount including the extra later that week.

    It is business, no point taking it personally.
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    Thank you both for the responses.

    yes, I have no issues with anything and it seemed to really push his buttons that he couldn't provoke me into panicking about any of his threats.

    The company we're chasing is a good deal larger than my business (they have around 50 staff i believe) and I'm amazed that 1) He's behaving this way and 2) He's willing to let his company risk a CCJ - although from my investigations he's had a few disasters previously.

    Oh well. Looks like the day in court will be fun :)
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