Technologies for creating animations in web design

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    Hi, I am writing an article about advantages and positive aspects of animations in web design and I have included some technologies that make animations in web design happen. In particular, Html5, CSS and JavaScript. I am struggling to shortly describe how each of them work in the making of an animation. I want something short and easy for my readers to understand because this is a non-fiction blog article.
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    Hi @Krei and welcome to UKBF.

    that’s a pretty huge topic to cover. Can I suggest you pay someone to explain each of the technologies. It would take me hours just to do html5. I would gain no benefit in passing on all my experience to you.
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    The key to writing a simple explanation of a technology that non-specialists will understand is to really understand that subject yourself. If you don't understand it, then there is no point in someone else trying (and almost definitely failing) to explain it to you!
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