Smart home security?

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    Im a bit new to all of this so forgive the stupid questions (if they are).

    I want an indoor security camera that I can just put on if/when we go on holiday that will alert me if there is any movement and will record to the cloud (although I have plenty of space on my server where my website is hosted so can save there if needs be) and where I can set an alarm off from my phone.

    I also just want a plug socket so I can turn a lamp on/off from my phone.

    Without spending a small fortune, what is the best way to do it? Do I need amazon echo or google home etc? I do not have anything like that so any advice on that would be appreciated also.

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    For the socket, have a look here: I've got a number of their devices all of which can be controlled by a phone/table or an Amazon Echo if need be.

    Nest and Hive both do security cameras (I've got a Nest one) that can record to the cloud and send alerts to your phone but don't, as far as I know, let you trigger an alarm from your phone.
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    Lost of smart sockets - e.g. on Amazon just google for them from about £10.

    Same for camera, google or amazon wifi camera with motion detection from about £30
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    These days wifi cams are all designed to be straightforward to use with cloud services provided as part of the product or as an add-on subscription. You shouldn't need to do anything very technical or use your web server.

    I've used this temporarily on various occasions in the past with great success. No subscription required to view the camera's live stream from anywhere via the mobile app. To receive motion detection alerts you'll have to pay for a subscription, it works well though.

    For a more permanent camera I'd probably look at the Nest cam. It's obviously quite a bit more expensive but I know a few people with these who are all happy with the product. I'd trust this to work a bit better long term and the quality (of the product, app and footage) is better.

    Still, the 'Yii' camera linked above can definitely do the job while away on holiday.

    Haven't used a smart plug before but you can find them on Amazon and you should be able to control those from your smartphone - no third party products should be required. Along the same lines I use Philips Hue which comes with remote mobile controls. It works really well although that set up is a bit more expensive than a standalone smartplug.
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    Maybe I'm a bit too late, but for a socket there is a good choice "itead sonnoff" relay in aliexpress which cost about 5 usd. It's a relay so you can connect anything you want up to 10 amps. I connected it to a coffee maschine for my brother, he wanted to boil water in the morning without going to the kitchen. It's a wonderful tool if you have a good imagination.
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    :eek: Interesting!

    You hooked up a kettle to boil in the kitchen, while no one is present... I know they say you should never watch a kettle boil... but I'm sure common sense should kick in when it involves no one being present in the property... what if it had caused an electrical fire? I'm pretty sure the relay wouldn't have been tested to EU standards... no disrespect to anyone from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea or anyone that manufactures electrical products that are never tested in the UK obviously.

    The cost of $5USD should put a stop to anyone thinking about hooking anything up to it TBH... o_O
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    You can't watch every electrical device. "Sonoff" is pretty famous around the world for dyi engineering, everyone seems to be satisfied. However, I'm not sure if it's tested or not by EU standards. I have some experience with electronics, I fixed and made a lot of things. Most of the people look at electronic devices like into some magic boxes which somehow work. If it's made by famous brand it means it's safe and good. In reality most of the phones can explode in your pockets if only one mistake was made while soldering (we saw it happen with Samsung). Li-po batteries are extremely dangerous, after shorting or damaging it will explode and yet li-po are in every mobile phone. Laptops have Li-ion batteries which are a bit more safe, but still extremely dangerous. I have seen some poorly grounded washer which give electric shock while touching. It hurts a bit maybe 40-80 volts AC.
    EU standards can't make sure that product is safe. I'm not sure how they are testing.

    5 USD for a relay is not so cheap. Relay is a simple electromagnetic switch. It's such a simple device. You can create it just from a few components. Wifi module in it is a bit more expensive, but still you can buy it for a few USD so it's real price is probably cents.
    You can't imagine how many things are made using components from aliexpress. When I go to electronics shop to buy some things for my projects everywhere I look aliexpress stuff...
    A lot of shops ship components from China and just rise price 8 times on average for electronic components (in my calculations).

    You have to make a research yourself, read forums and reviews to know if product is dangerous or not. There are no such thing as safe electronics these days.
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    Sorry @Paul172 I know exactly what relays are, what they do how simple a device they are... we work with them all the time, but it's not the point, the point is that you've suggested to someone to buy outside of the UK a product that may not have been tested to EU standards, it may well have been tested in China or whichever country it's been tested in but the fact still stands... if it doesn't have an EU test certificate you shouldn't promote it.

    a $5 relay hooked up to anything in the UK could be a killer... We've seen so many products purchased online that have caused so many deaths it's ridiculous - but some folk think it's perfectly OK to plug something in, nothing will happen, but who exactly does the blame go to when something causes a death? The Manufacturer? why... because some chap didn't do his due diligence and researched a product before plugging it in, because someone on a forum said it was OK to use?

    You decided to bring up Samsung... then mentioned Li-Po batteries? As far as I was aware, unless something's changed we have Li-Ion batteries in our mobile phones... if not, then I think something needs to be said to Samsung as they state the batteries are Li-Ion...

    It's the DIY Engineering that's killing trades around the world, yet many of these DIY engineers are either hurting themselves or people around them without even realising it...

    If any single trade dies, the entire world could come to a stop...
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    Can you provide statistics or a source of this information? As a person who buys a lot of stuff online I'm extremely interested.

    My mistake. I just wanted to say that Li-po batteries are very dangerous. Some manufacturers are using it in mobile phones. Yes Samsung manufactures li-ion batteries, but I mentioned it as an example that even famous brands can fail to provide safe products.

    Most of the diy are being made by people who know that they are doing. For example retired people still have their skills and can create similar systems or installations which they had been making their whole life. But I agree that it can be dangerous. Once one person asked me to help create a power bank. And when I went I was shocked.... They were cutting laptop batteries cases with a knife and after separating different cells they were throwing them into a wet metal bucket.
    In my opinion diy is safe if you have knowledge that you are doing, and you are capable in testing devices you create. I understand why you are concerned about safety and it's good. I'm more open minded in this topic. I buy electronics, test it and evaluate it's safety. It's essential for me to make diy projects because I'm studying electronics. You can't become a professional without creating your own devices.
    Maybe I shouldn't suggest diy products for people I don't know. Maybe the person who is cutting laptop batteries with a knife might try this suggestion too.

    I'm sorry but I find it funny. Diy is such an uncommon thing these days. It can't kill any trade.

    Thanks you made me reconsider one thing, but still I believe that it's as safe to buy things online as in your own country as long as you make a good research and you know that you are doing,
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    You really have got this wrong, if someone is in your house your already in trouble, you have to hope the camera you placed is in a place where the intruder walking about so technically you need one in every room which will cost a fortune, you also need to hope your wifi has not bugged out and it captures a good picture of the person in the home otherwise whats the point as you now have someone walking in your home and not a lot you can do about it

    Get a house alarm as if this is triggered the chances are the intruder will go no further , plus with the new alarms you can get a camera that activates on movement and uploads a image and footage to the cloud , or you can interrogate the camera whenever you like

    These home cameras are fads and useful in some respects but dont use them as you only source of protection

    Dont use the Yale alarms try something fitted by a professional company

    Good luck
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    I know that's not what you want, but what I would get as a security means, is only that:

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