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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Sebastian Dopta, Dec 18, 2020.

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    I started with my online store 6 months ago. Now shop creates income which is enough to
    keep the company, insurance etc., new modules, couple articles per months for a blog etc. It breaks even.

    For the time being, I have couple free hours per day and I want to learn SEO things and generally how to advertise my store (Facebook, Google Ads). I know basic of basics, but it is not enough. In the Internet there is thousand resources, where do I start? Which videos, books or articles you can recommend? Which topics should I cover?

    In the future once bigger possibilities come I will go with professional SEO company.
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  2. LockMonster

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    I purchased a book called SEO 2018 by adam clarke, might be a newer one now, it was ok, so things are good in it, but not lots. It is a minefield
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  3. fisicx

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  4. japhyryder

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    Neil Patel has a lot of good info. Can't link yet but look him up
    Posted: Dec 18, 2020 By: japhyryder Member since: Dec 18, 2020
  5. WebshopMechanic

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    Steal Patel????

    Yes, he's good but that because he rips off people's work.

    As @fisicx says, check out Ray's Fresh Bananas course as it is excellent value for money.

    Also check out Matthew Woodward. He's straight-talking with no fluff. Very knowledgable guy.

    Posted: Dec 18, 2020 By: WebshopMechanic Member since: Apr 27, 2017
  6. GraemeL

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  7. ecochris

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    Start getting your site regular backlinks from directory websites
    Posted: Dec 19, 2020 By: ecochris Member since: Dec 19, 2020
  8. fisicx

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    Why? Google isn’t going to take any notice of a self-generated directory listing.
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  9. lesliedocherty

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    going to sign myself up for this, seems pretty good value
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  10. MichelleB-UK

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    Matthew Woodward SEO or SEM Rush has lots of free resources. is great software to help you on your SEO journey too, again lots of videos to guide you through it.
    Posted: Dec 21, 2020 By: MichelleB-UK Member since: Nov 24, 2020
  11. Larry Fong

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    I start my career in SEO and PPC Ads 3 years ago. I am now a freelance SEO and SEM consultant and have completed more than 10 projects and a few has turn into permanent. I got all the knowledge by online self-studies. There are a few very good courses in Udemy. Obtain an account first, then wait for the promotion, the normal fee would be US$ 100 plus but promotion fee is only around US$10-11. I invested less than $100 and it is one of the best investment in my life. Moreover, the google ads academy and facebook blue-print offer digital courses that are free. Very helpful to know how really those big boys are thinking too.
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  12. Uke

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    I’ve seen the Fresh Bananas course, it’s very good and well worth the money. There’s probably not much more you need than that.

    Most of the SEO gurus are snake oil salesman who don’t really have much of a clue and just post clickbaity articles for traffic to sign up to one of their ‘amazing’ courses.

    Most people who really do know how to optimise a site and get great rankings for their keywords are too busy making money from their own sites than to sell courses (Fresh Bananas excepted of course).
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  14. ecomm_guru

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    Directories can be a great way to not only gain backlinks but also gain business/brand exposure. I regularly look for businesses on directories when i need a plumber, when i'm looking for freelance services etc, etc. I can't speak for other people but I find them rather useful myself. Also, <redacted> is one useful marketing resource but as i've outlined in other posts, social network building, Google Ads and a store blog is also worth considering when looking to market a store.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    I never ever look at directories and I dont know anybody else that does

    They were an idea in 1998 that never took off

    Hope this helps
    Posted: Mar 4, 2021 at 6:12 AM By: JEREMY HAWKE Member since: Mar 4, 2008
  17. fisicx

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    Directories stopped being useful years ago. All @ecomm_guru wants to do is promote their own.
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