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    Hey people!

    I have recently decided to go self employed and as a Massage Therapist and need advice on how to promote the business to get clients!

    All the Facebook groups keep saying is massage is very word of mouth (and it is) however, I need to get people in to start the word of mouth!

    Any advise would be fantastic! I already have a website and facebook page.
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  2. Mr D

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    Go where your clients are.
    The personal touch, introduction, talking to people one on one.

    Very occasionally I have been at events where someone is offering massages. At times they have had zero clients on the day.
    And given out hundred of leaflets, card and brochures. Per day.

    Someone wants a massage, they going to choose a random stranger or someone they have met? :)

    Any health / wellbeing events happening near you any time soon?
    Ask (may have to pay) to advertise at GP surgeries on the noticeboards.
    Gyms & health clubs

    Are you able to do a small presentation / talk at an event about something to do with massage?
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  3. ethical PR

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    Who is your target audience for your massages. This will help you identify which advertising channels and third party partnerships you should be investing in to market your business.

    What would you say makes you different/better than your competitors?
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  4. fisicx

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    People don’t a massage, people want to get their body fixed. Promote the benefits not the methods. I don’t care if you use deep-muscle massage with a hint of torture, as long as fix my stiff shoulder.

    So change the website and your Facebook page to focus on the healing not the methods of delivery.

    There are a zillion other things need sorting on the site but changing the focus would be a good start. As would changing the business name so you don’t get overshadowed by the business in Virginia.
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  5. Debbie Barnes

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    We work with massage businesses, and promotions like 'Get 10% off your first massage' are a great way to get people to try your service for the first time.

    As you know it usually takes 2-3 visits before people turn into regular clients, so offer them a discount on a second booking as well, or a discount on if they book in bulk, and you soon won't be able to keep up with demand! :)
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  6. HazelC

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    I would offer discount for first massage and then loyalty cards to keep them coming back; you only need to do this until you get a few people. Then why not look at discount for friend when they use your name, or gift for you when a friend comes to them?

    Share benefits in blogs, website content and social media - people may not be aware of all the benefits.

    Network locally so people get to meet the real you.

    Hope that helps & Good Luck :)
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  7. VD Media

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    I would make sure your Google My Business/Maps profile is fully set up and work towards getting your website ranking on Google for local relevant terms.

    Also there are many places you can list your services, places like Gumtree, Backpage etc.
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