How to choose a plugin to create a calculator?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by vnxmmz, Mar 22, 2019.

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    Recently, I started creating my own site, which I placed on Wordpress and I needed some calculators for my site. The calculator requires different fields, lists, checkboxes, buttons. I would like to add formulas myself and display several results of the final cost. It will be great if from such a calculator it will be possible to send the calculation results to the email specified by me.

    Is there any plugin that can do this?
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    I think your requirement is too specific and that the only way to get what your looking for is to have a developer write a custom plug-in to handle what you require. But it's definitely possible, we have done such for our own clients in the mortgage industry for example to calculate repayment loans, interest and etc.
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    Hi! Thanks for the answer, indeed, there are very few such tools and now I have started testing a few that more or less came up. Ordering such a calculator will be much more expensive, and I need several calculators, besides, their support and changing the content also incurs costs. In any case, I’m checking a few options now and I’ll probably do it all, if I find the one that is most suitable, maybe it will be useful to someone else.
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    What exactly do you want to calculate?

    There are loads of free and premium calculators you could use.

    Finding one that lets you create your own formula will be a challenge. Most plugins use JavaScript to perform the calculation. In theory you could write a script that lets you build a formula but it wouldn’t be simple or cheap.
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    It is necessary to calculate the cost of goods taking into account various parameters: weight, color, characteristics, and the like. Probably the total cost of such a calculator for individual development will be very high.

    Yes, there are many different tools for creating an online calculator, but they are extremely difficult to use if you do not own the code and programming.
    Searches in the search eventually chose several plugins and online services:
    • Calculated Fields Form
    • uCalc
    • Woo Price Calculator
    • WpCalc
    • jsCalc
    Perhaps one of these tools will work, but it will be clear as soon as I try to create an online calculator on it and test the possibilities. Maybe someone else knows similar paid and free tools?
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