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    Please review our new website and give us feedback.

    Empire Tax and Corporate Solutions
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    To be fair it is fairly good, speed etc... only thing I noticed is your contact form having a map on it on top mixes up the flow. Also You might wanna consider having custom forms for different inquiries to pre filter and collect information right away. I got an invite today from one plus and they used type form, https://www.typeform.com/product/ to create it. I had a look at their site and it might be worth checking it out as it seems fairly easy to integrate in to site via api. I never used type form before but worth at least having a look at them . 1. get rid of the maps and use that space for something better and also I noticed on your contact page you used the word " try to get " try has in my opinion a negative affect. Give a time and stick to it. If I send in an inquiry I would expect an answer. Trying sounds like a hobby operation
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    It’s all about you. I looked the site on my phone (as many do) it was all marketing guff. Nothing I could see that told me what it is you do.

    The rest of the pages seem designed for seo rather than to attract clients.

    There are no calls to action and I’d be put off by the 03 number. And the address on the site doesn’t match the address on google. And the street view doesn’t Instil confidence. It all looks very dodgy.

    The company that built your site have sold you a pup.
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