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    I currently have a business answering service, it as a 0800 no for customers and diverts to a phone of my choice, when a customer calls I get the choice to accept the call or reject it, by rejecting it it goes to the answering service and I then get an email with the voice message attached,

    I also have the ability to select times (out of hours/weekends) I want the calls to go straight to the answering service

    over the last couple of years the price has started to increase, I probably only get 5-10 calls week so it's not heavily used but it's a facility I need as it also gives my business a professional looking 0800 tel no and saves on having to have a second business phone line, it was cost effective against a 2nd hone line but is starting to look less so

    can anyone recommend any company that can offer this service at a reasonable cost?
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    What does it currently cost you per month. I have a similar service for picking up calls on my mobile making it look like a standard number
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    People don’t like 0800 numbers. Put your office/mobile number on the site and bin the call answering service.
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    75 6 are great, no monthly fee and just £1 a call - They answer as your company name and all details are emailed through - great service - If you do sign up I have a referral code that i believe benefits both parties -

    Please note, to ensure the line is active you need to have at least one call a month, or call yourself to keep the line active.
    Posted: Mar 21, 2020 By: Craig Bird Member since: Feb 24, 2017
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    We have worked with the SaaSy people and so have many of our customers, so might be worth checking them out.
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