Bulk Listing on eBay?


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Sep 12, 2006
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There are but in the past we wrote a custom system.

Same position as you although all our products had similar categories.

The problem was we used custom templates and wanted a way of updating these in bulk as well as having phantom stock levels. We would often sell products we didn't have on the shelve but could source for the next day. We also wanted to sync some stock levels for items we could not source the next day.

It was integrated with Magento but wasn't platform specific, it would in effect allow us one click to add a product already listed in Magento. We just selected a template and clicked update.

If we wanted to change the template we just altered it and would click update.

Stock levels would update automatically.

Saved us hours and increased sales really quickly.

I have a customer who wants a similar thing for Shopify although we are finishing off some other projects for them first.

The ebay provided tools may work but if not and you want to talk through options, let me know. 1000 products is a lot of man hours,

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