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    I own a memorial masonry/stone masonry business which is over 170 years old and We’ve had the same land line number for many years. After moving premises a few years ago understandably we wanted to keep the same phone number but we had moved to a different exchange area a mile up the road.
    So BT ported the number and turned in to VOIP which meant I needed broadband and a landline. A few more years have passed and now BT have done away with VOIP and use a cloud service. So I pay £337.48 a quarter, £1349.92 in total for the year. This includes phone line, broadband and cloud service. I think this is way over priced for my requirements. I really only take incoming calls and use internet for sending emails so don’t need a fully loaded package.
    What other options do I have? I just want basic broadband and a phone with call divert capability.
    I think I’ve explained everything but I’m not very technical when it comes to these issues.
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    I just did a double take when I read the first few lines of your post (my fault not yours) I thought you had your phone line for 170 years. There are many on the forum who will have a good handle on this topic and be along soon. All I can say is you're right the price you’re paying seems excessive, but it does seem have all the whistles and bells.

    If you just need internet & phone there’s many providers out there ie PlusNet, Sky etc etc locally here we have peoples fibre £30.00 a month so worth a google to see what’s out there local to you. Personally, I am all Apple so make use their cloud plus my Microsoft account and just to be sure everything is also backed up on our own hard drive here.

    Worth checking out when does your current service contract end you don't want to end up suddenly in for another 12 months.
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    Your best bet would be to split the package up. Get a good deal for just broadband - even BT will give you a a sub £30pm deal on broadband, then port your number to a VoIP provider that does unbundled products.

    If you ported your number to us and just used it for inbound calls that would be £3pm and that's it. You'd probably want to use it for a few outbound calls too but you can do that pay go - 1p per minute to a landline. You're looking at saving almost £200pm.
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    I ported for the same reason to, my 30 years old number now costs me 75p (pence) a month. I access it via my iPhone, so no broadband required and works anywhere (using 4g etc). I can point (divert) it anywhere at will, or voice mail (answerphone).

    There are many many providers, and I have had good experience of these guys and like how they operate. Same idea will work practically anywhere with anyone.

    I think it was £50 quid to port it from BT as it happens.

    p.s. just seen the post just above mine, having a service provider on here would be a def plus, esp if you are not in to the tech stuff.
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    I use Vonage Voip for landline numbers but use BT broadband for reliability
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    We use for our Inbound Phone trunks but as far as Cloud Phone services go they are very good.
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