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Oct 23, 2021 at 8:35 PM
    1. Msadik
      I have created a Gov Petition to
      Extend business rates holiday for retail & hospitality businesses. can you please sign it and get much more exposure.
      Im sure we all understand what impact this have on our businesses.

      best of luck
      petition number at uk parliament 551737
    2. Ali Rachidi
      Ali Rachidi
      hi , how can i get a business account for ASDA trade clearance to buy returns pallets by bidding.
      thank you
    3. athompson
      haha just realised I'm looking at using you guys for the phones are the center once its opened. Have used sipgate for years but find them lacking and was advised to look at you guys by a mate
    4. NewWiz
      Hey guys what does it require to have a software based call center. What are the softwares required for it. Like for auto dialing. Is it only to set up the server and connect it. Is that it ? I wanna start it small say 5 seats with min budget.
    5. ayush.eminenture
      why your website is not opening in india?
      1. Chris The Dropshipper likes this.
    6. UsmanT
      Hi i am thinking of opening my own call centre to make outbound calls to customers on phone contracts. I have been looking at dealers such as e2save but really dont know where to start and would like help frm urself as i would like 2 know where to start m. Any help would be much appreciated.
    7. michdazxx
      Hello, are you online?
    8. Angellica2010
      Hi are you there?
      I have a Telecommucations question I wanted ask.

    9. Angellica2010
      hi are you online?
    10. My Owl 1
      My Owl 1
      you are so feck*** predictable ... :-))
    11. credit control service
      credit control service
      Hi - please call me on 02071005978 - currently on blueface - interested in package which includes all uk landline calls. We're using Grandstream phones. We'll also need to port numbers from blueface. Jeremy
    12. My Owl 1
      My Owl 1
      HI cjd how r u
    13. elofty
      Hi Colin,

      Has something happened at voipfone? all my numbers have gone offline. I cannot find them on the web panel either
    14. My Owl 1
      My Owl 1
      HI CJD, How's about you and I having a chat. I would like to talk about a partnership of thinking. Please give me a ring sometime. 02920212965

      Best wishes

    15. RLD Plastering and Tiling Services
      RLD Plastering and Tiling Services
      Hi I am looking at starting a business up in the new year and i would like any calls relating to the business to come in on a seperate line to my current land line i have and basically i was wondering how i go about this and what do you charge to provide this service and what are the ongoing costs if possible i would like an 0845 number and there is a distinct possibility that there will be a second business that again will require it's own number and if this is possible
    16. mattley23
      Hi CJD,

      Been recommended to get in contact with you regarding my phone number issue.

      I run 2 businesses from a home office, 1 internet based and the other not and both in completely different industries.

      Currently im using the same number for both which I dont want to do any more. They are both classed as local businesses so dont think a national type 08 number woul work too well.

      What can you recommend?
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