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    It seems a reminder of the rules on self-promotion is necessary.

    You can read those rules in full here but, to summarise:
    • If someone asks for a recommendation, they want a third-party endorsement – not you touting your own business.
    • Let your advice and expertise speak for itself. If you seem credible and helpful, and your signature is up to date and detailed, other UKBF users will contact you in their own time.
    • If you reply to a query with 'We do this – here's a link to our website, get in touch!', it will be deleted if spotted by mods or reported.
    • Don't get annoyed at mods for enforcing these rules! They're working hard, doing what's necessary to make UKBF work as well as it does.
    This thread isn't open to replies but feel free to message me if you've got queries or suggestions.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.