Self-Promotion, Links and Market Research

We get it. You want to get more customers and make more sales. But while new business can be a side product of using the forums, don't make it your aim. We're dedicated to preserving the quality of the forums, and advice with a sales agenda doesn't tend to be helpful.

How UKBF works

We get asked a lot about what counts as self promotion. Since UKBF is first and foremost a place for advice, asking how to go about finding a business partner or how to sell your product (eg. what channels you should be posting on, what info to include) is generally fine; directly advertising for a business partner or trying to sell your product (eg. "X needed, the criteria is X, X and X, contact me") is not.

We'd love to be more relaxed about this, but unfortunately it's not an option for a public forum! You can find the rest of our rules below. If you have any queries at all, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

On Self-Promotion:

DO let your expertise do the talking. Demonstrating sound business knowledge is your biggest asset on UKBF; you’ll be memorable when someone’s looking to hire a specialist in your field.

DON'T start a thread purely to advertise a product or a service. This is only permitted in the UKBF Marketplace, accessible to Full Members.

DON'T reply to a thread purely to advertise a product or a service. Your post may be removed if the self-promotional content is deemed to outweigh the original content.

DO make use of your signature to list your contact details, business name and social media handles etc. Specifics on Free Member and Full Member signatures here.

DON'T include contact details in the main body of your post. This stops the board being overrun with people touting for work.

DON'T post “stubs”. If you can help a user, don't tell them to PM you. The forum only works because people are willing to share advice and expertise publicly, and posting stubs does nothing but spam the forums. If you've demonstrated your expertise in an area, users will know how to get in touch with you - that's what your signature's for.

On including a link in your post:

DO include a link to an external source when it’s relevant to the thread topic but DON'T include a link on its own with no supporting content. Remember that it’s ultimately down to the moderators to decide whether your link is relevant or not.

DON'T drop irrelevant links. This includes publishing a post that doesn’t contain sufficient information to be useful in isolation and relies on an external link for context.

DON'T post links for SEO link building purposes. Any posts that are suspected of link building will be removed.

DON'T post large chunks of PR-heavy text to accompany a link.

On Market Research:

DO post in our Market Research forum if you'd like to run surveys, test prototypes, carry out split tests, source focus groups or find interviewees from your target market. Note: only Full Members are able to start threads in this forum.