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    Hi I'm Alex, and I'm the founder of Generate Awareness which is a leaflet distribution operating in London.

    I've decided to join the Community in order to find answers to problems that any business encounters and for sharing my experience.

    The first time I've founded a company was in March 2018 with my former co-founder. After having worked in Promotion through several promotional agencies, especially in leaflet distribution, sometimes I was employed, other times, I was self-employed.

    Then, a company proposed me to work directly with them, and to find a co-worker to generate leads for a gym. Once done, my former co-worker and I have decided to approach businesses to get more job.

    Once a day, a company asked us if we could supply leaflet distributors for them. And this is where my entrepreneurship life began, as a result, we have created the company, it started well we have supplied our service for a nationwide company. Then, unfortunately, the company broke down 4 months later because we didn't get new clients and we couldn't agree about the way how to run the business. Consequently, my former co-founder took away the company's website, changed the name and has created a new company. Then, I have been out of business for 8 months. During, this time I was working part-time to pay my bills, and to study by myself for improving my English, especially my writing skills.

    Then, in March 2019, after a frustrating work experience, I've decided to look for a job, and it lead me to freelancing. I wanted to get some translations job, but it's not regular, and it's similar to an entrepreneur life. Furthermore, since 2017, I've started to make WordPress websites, and learn about SEO, and social media marketing. And, it's definitely what I love. Consequently, developing a business and experimenting digital marketing has started to be more, and more attractive to me.

    For this reason, I have decided to go back to the leaflet distribution industry by creating my own company. This way, I could generate earnings for living, but more important, it will enable me to experiment Digital Marketing, enhance WordPress knowledge, generate leads, managing prospects , managing clients, learn to recruit, setting-up strategies, etc.

    Since March 2019, I've created Generate Awareness, I've managed to get 3 clients, so far. Currently, my goals are to keep good relations with my existing clients, tackling the fear of late payments by implementing tougher terms and/or finding a finance solution such as invoicing finance or a loan. This way, I will accept enquiries easier, I will be able to buy more equipments in order to recruit more leaflet distributors.