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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by kevin.doran, Jan 9, 2021.

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    The wife's site has been going just over 4 years now.

    She went with Woo at the outset based on cost and how relatively easy it was to run with. It's 99% DIY with a tiny bit of input from a friend occasionally if anything tricky crops up.

    However, as the business has grown, we now wonder whether Woo's right for her anymore. Cost wise it's still great of course but we have constant niggles and don't feel like we're getting the best out of it.

    A switch to Shopify could be on the cards, it seems a bit more robust, but it'd be great to seek a bit of professional advice first before taking such drastic measures.

    Any recommendations out there?
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    I have seen many successful high traffic sites working smoothly with WooCommerce. Not sure what exactly are the issues you are having. May be worth investigating them first and fix it permanently. If you can describe some of the problems you are having may be useful ?
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  3. kevin.doran

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    Completely agree hence why we'd like to engage somebody to look at it all properly.
    Posted: Jan 9, 2021 By: kevin.doran Member since: Nov 28, 2011
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    Happy to have a look and advise, I got good expereince with WooCommerce and built many successful shops over the last 16 years :)
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    Hi Kevin,

    I work with many e-commerce businesses and I've never had any complaints about Shopify. From my experience, sites on the platform convert better than most other platforms, partly because it's mobile-friendly (not just responsive) and the checkout seamlessly integrates with mobile-focused payment methods.

    Shopify is certainly a great option, mainly because;
    • The speed is lightning quick
    • It's been built with a mobile-first approach (this is hugely important)
    • It integrates with many leading systems fairly easily
    • The interface is also very simple and intuitive
    • The platform runs many global businesses so it's proven to work

    A negative of Shopify is that you lose some control if you are looking to integrate uncommon systems or create custom functionality, but there are usually ways around that. It really depends on what you want the system to do.

    Cost is also another thing you need to think about. If your store is growing at a rapid pace and you just want to focus on the marketing side then investing in a platform like Shopify is worthwhile. Yes, the monthly app subscriptions can be a little pricey but that also means you can be ruthless with the ones you go with (i.e you only run with apps you truly need, not the 70+ plugins I see on most Woocommerce stores).

    From an SEO perspective, Shopify also works great. You obviously need to know what you're doing on the SEO front to gain the best out of it but the platform is capable of achieving awesome results.

    I guess the only major downside with Shopify is that you are somewhat beholden to them because it runs on a software-as-a-service model. If you move to Shopify Plus then you are looking at £2k a month. But, I don't see this as an issue if you are doing the numbers to justify it. Like I said, I've not heard many complaints.

    There are many platforms out there which are much cheaper and provide far more control but Shopify just works. You can add the majority of the functionality you need.

    Happy to have a chat if that would help.

    Best regards

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  6. Paul Carmen

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    @kevin.doran the devil is in the detail with all online and ecommerce solutions. Essentially, unless we know what the site needs to do and what the problems are, its hard to say what is the best solution for you.

    There is no reason why a WooCommerce site cant be scaled and also very quick for customers, plus its great for SEO. Having said that, many people struggle with this as they have a site built and then are left to get on with it by the developers or hosting company.

    In reality, if you pick the right theme, design the site for a mobile first journey, setup the hosting properly, optimise the site for speed and stock management, then WooCommerce is good even for large scale sites. It's also easy to add custom functionality and development, as there are so many plugins and people working on it.

    We work on several WordPress/WooCommerce sites for a number of clients and what it does need is a little TLC and maintenance, plus updates to WordPress/WooCommerce and any plugins as required. This is usually the key to keeping the site running well and avoiding problems.

    From your latest post it sounds like you need some help with evaluating the setup and options, this sound like a whole new post, or potentially even a request for Tender to follow the UKBF rules...
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    If you are considering a move to Shopify just bear in mind that if you don't use Shopify payments (i.e. you want to continue using your existing payment provider) Shopify will charge you additional % fees on top even though they aren't doing the processing.
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