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    Welcome to our new Website Reviews & Testing forum. This is a place to get feedback on your website, whether it's on content, design or usability.

    The Rules:
    Full Members can post new threads. If you'd like to sign up for Full Membership, there are details here.
    Free Members with over 100 posts are able to comment on threads. This is to allow for an increase in quality feedback from established members of the UKBF community.
    All UKBF visitors (whether registered or not) can view the forum.

    Free members are not permitted to ask for feedback or advertise their own websites in any way - anyone found sneaking links into their comments will be severely reprimanded and sent to the naughty chair.

    Other particulars:
    - If you'd like your website reviews to remain private, a Private Website Reviews & Testing sub-forum exists for this purpose, accessible only to Full Members.
    - All threads posted prior to 13/09/16 have been moved to the Private sub-forum. If you'd like your thread to remain in the main public forum, please send me a PM with a link.

    Last but not least, thank you for patience while these changes were made. If you have any further questions, send a PM or post in our Feedback & Help forum.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.