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    I've read that it is not a legal requirement to put Terms & Conditions on your website but a Privacy Policy is required. Some guidelines say it is recommended to put Terms on your website for various reasons. My new website's aim is to generate enquiries, so I will be capturing name, email and telephone number. I will have a blog attached that may invite comments, not sure yet.

    Just looking for some feedback:
    1. Would you recommend adding Terms and reasons why?
    2. Who doesn't and reasons why?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Whilst this is funny, its also true, most customers never read and couldn't care less about them or the privacy policy (the difference is that's a UK legal requirement).

    The T&Cs are solely to protect you/your business, so they need to cover anything that could come back to bite you regards content on the site, or anything you want to rely on as part of the lead capture process.

    You could issue contracts to customer leads at a later date, so T&Cs may have little relevance. They also need to be properly written and stand up in a court of law, or they're worthless...
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    Ha Ha. Yes I know from a user point of view. I was asking from the website owners point of view.

    Thank you for a more constructive response. Yes I will have to issue contracts to clients. maybe better left till then.
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    A Terms and Conditions is a contract between you and your users. It must be agreed by the user to follow. It helps in preventing abuses, as any users found abusing your website can be banned. Moreover, it helps in protecting your content by international copyright laws.
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