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    Hi can anyone recommend me a ecom platform that is able to do the following.

    1. Allow customers to multi select t-shirts of different colours, size and quantity all on the same page. E.g customer wants 3 black small shirts, 5 large green shirts and 20 2xl purple shirts and they can add them all from the one product page.

    2. Customers can purchase the shirts plain / or have it personalised.

    3. If personalisation is chosen, it can be done at the checkout stage with the ability to chose a personalisation method, upload of customer logo, option to position logo etc and finally calculate the price in addition to the plain shirt pricing giving an overall price.

    Am not sure who to go with or what system is capable of handling this or if anyone can recommend someone who provides this service.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Paul Carmen

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    This isn't about platform, it's about spec and budget; e.g. you could do this with WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc.

    Like most web or ecommerce builds the functionality is different depending on what you sell and how you fulfil it, plus any specific user experience you want to build in.

    Out of the box most sites are set to show product pages, and potentially category pages, by the sound of it you want customers to be able to shop via the category page, plus have some sort of configurator for colour, size, design etc.

    We've built a few sites like this on a couple of different platforms and one very recently on WooCommerce, but it required a combination of extra plugins, to make the category shoppable without having to go to the product page, and some custom php work to allow the product to be configured by various parameters on the cat page too. It was then a bigger piece of work to integrate image and design functionality for T-Shirt customisation, this required more plugins and custom usability design work.

    The key to your project is the spec you need, along with how you drive traffic to the site. You're effectively asking business consultancy related questions, as there's no one size fits all platform.

    They all have their strengths and weaknesses and require some analysis and thought to decide on the best option, as soon as you move away form the out of the box functionality (which you are), the project we worked on had a decent agreed spec and budget for the custom work.
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    We have recently completed a similar project for a custom furniture store using WooCommerce. So would recommend this.
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