UK based importer of wine from EU to EU

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Gmput, Mar 4, 2021.

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    I am a small importer of wine from Spain into the UK , and my bank account and business registration is in the UK.
    Up until now, all my transactions have been one way (from Spain into UK ) so its pretty straightforward, even with Brexit.

    I have now got the opportunity to import from the same winery in Spain, but sell direct to a wholesaler in Belgium, but not entirely sure of the best way to go about.

    Am I simply able to be paid into into my British bank account and ship between Spain and Belgium as I would have done pre-Brexit ?

    The wine will not even enter the UK, I'm based here but buying the stock and selling it within the EU.

    What will be the easiest way to do all this ?
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    The Spanish seller might add VAT if you can't provide a EU VAT number. Also you'd have to register for VAT when selling goods within the EU, even though you would zero rate it (if your customer is VAT registered).
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