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    Amidst this global pandemic, the natural slow down has allowed time to focus elsewhere that is otherwise often neglected.

    We are a subsidiary of our Finnish company specialising in acoustic sound improvement, whiteboard and writing surface manufacture.

    The Group marketing is based in Finland effectively and this is where the website is produced and maintained.
    There has been a lot of work involved to translate the text from Finnish to proper English by us and not just through an online translation that often doesn't make complete sense.

    There are of course pros and cons to everything.

    How does this effect SEO for having our domain redirect to the .fi/en english language site.
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    Good Morning Martin,

    Provided you have the correct hreflang tag set up on the site, the .fi/en should be fine because you are telling Google that you have a Finnish-based website but are targeting a UK-based audience.

    Forwarding the will be purely for branding and nothing else. It won't enable your to rank because no site exists.

    The key to getting the .fi/en ranked is to focus on:

    Keyword Strategy

    Forget the direct translations because they won't rank on their own. Research how people are searching Google in the UK to find these products or the problems they solve, then use the keywords to craft the content to drive organic traffic. SEO is non-existent if you ignore the keyword research stage.

    Content Strategy
    Once you have the keywords defined, you need to create content that will get ranked, get read and bring people into your world (a.k.a marketing funnel). This should be authoritative and focused towards your target customer. This is what will increase your rankings and bring traffic of people who will buy.

    I hope that helps.

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    It looks fine. Its also sending a Content-Language en HTTP header.

    I think @WebshopMechanic covered everything else.
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    Hi both,

    Thanks for the responses.

    Always good to hear an outside view.
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