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    I am trying to establish the options around running some backup software to Tape.

    We have a 24 bay LTO 6 Tape system and use Backupexec 2014.

    We need to backup 200TB of data to tape. The data is on a NAS Data storage unit and the LTO is managed from a MS Server 2012 R2.

    Any thoughts on what my options are. I know Veritas have bought back Backupexec but their licensing now seems very complicated and expensive

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    You can have a look at Veeam... Used it in my old place of work (not with tapes but on NAS, and Windows Server 2012/16/19 machines), worked well but unsure about the cost.

    How often are you backing up to tapes? Tapes are good for archival purposes but for backups that might need restored they could be less than ideal. :)
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    I hate to be "that guy" and also be the first comment with a non useful "that guy" reply but I really think you should consider moving from tape backups.

    About the only advantage they have these days is cost, they are cheap, but for an obvious reason. Creating backups and reliability are poor.

    Not to mention that with the new GDPR policies backing up to tape presents new challenges.

    Backing up to external hard drives is not only simpler, faster and easier. its also quicker to access and modify if needed.

    no with the "that guy" out the way... I haven't worked with backup tapes for a very long time, but I see software for this sort of thing is dwindling, and the ones left seem to be taking advantage of this fact, they suck and cost a whole bunch of money.

    Well im convinced my advice here is sound.
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    Nothing wrong with this advice although I would politely suggest that there are more challenges with a 200TB backup set than just price.

    Actually, managing large backup capacity and backup speed are both key attractions for tape. And the fact they can be moved offsite also. When this array was purchased drive sizes for regular hard drives were probably much smaller.

    Let’s remember that this is a 200TB backup job. If you were to back it up to a mirrored disk-based location over a 100mbps leased line (for example) that would take a whopping 194 days - less compression of course. Assuming you saturated the circuit and it was uninterrupted.

    That said, agreed that you could doubtless find a disk based array to achieve this but it’s going to be expensive to replace isn’t it.

    To answer OP, I haven’t used the solution myself but we get emails from NovaStor from time to time and they claim to still support tape. I’m happy to reach out to them if it helps you.
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    Thanks, Not often enough!!, These are to creat an 'air gap' in case we get a ransomware ware locking our data. We have a 2nd Live backup system that will be moving to a Data Centre. These are really for archive and a just in case.
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    @forevergroup and @WebDesires Thanks for the comments and thoughts. I have just replied to @fc-ramon - To clarify.

    We have 2 Huawei Ocenstore V3 with 300TB Purchased in 2019 with SSD cache (yes it cost a lot!!) the 2nd unit mirrors the first unit. This will be placed in a DC and we have a 1Gb leased line to do updates as we go / overnight. The Tapes I agree are 'old' tech but they are good to archive and have a backup to recover if the NAS fail. They will also create an air gap in case the NAS get compromised with ransomware.

    I am not worried about GDPR as the data being stored are still and video images that we own the IP to.
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  7. fc-ramon

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    That's fair enough then! You have a better backup solution than most small businesses I know :D

    A quick google shows Veeam (Veeam Backup & Replication 10) seems to be compatible with tapes, at least the docs say it is and show info on best practices and how to backup to them, but not sure if the Veeam Essentials does as it's not that clear on the website. Might be worth asking about it via email or chat.
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  8. Nico Albrecht

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    My choice to go is acronis for tape backup. They have a nice library option,fast encryption and very high compression options if your cpu plays balls.

    Tape tech came a long way and write speeds are on par with magnetic disks. Random access data different story but that's not what it was build for. Tape is very reliable archive tech much better than a magnetic disk or the worst to use SSDs for archiving. Tapes work well for media companies archiving in tier level onto tape after it left production environment.

    Modern tape writers have normally 2 bays to make dual backups for offsite storage and use good library's to access them fast. At 200tb tape is the best and most secured option at the cheapest price too.
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