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    Can anyone recommend software that I can use to make (what I think are) simple edits to videos please? All software I have looked at seem to be hugely complicated and I can't figure out if they can do what I want.

    This software is to tidy up videos of athletes, who could be running, hurdling, throwing. I want to be able to do three things.

    1) trim off the start and finish of each clip - that seems easy enough to do

    2) zoom in on the athlete for several seconds of the clip (so that the amount of sky and ground in the clip is reduced and the athlete is larger - struggling with this

    3) Output the video in a format that can be viewed easily on the athletes own computer/pad - struggling with this also

    I don't mind buying the software, trouble is that bought versions seem even more complex than free versions.

    Thank you for any guidance.

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    Hit-Film and DaVinci-Resolve are free and far easier to use than it appears at first. You just have to look at the 'Getting Started' videos! They will also do everything you want and so much more. Almost every major movie is today finished in DaVinci-Resolve. Hit-Film is British, DaVinci-Resolve is from 'Stralia (that's down-there!)

    If you don't want to zoom in and do similarly complex things like that, the audio programme 'Reaper' is also a simple video editor and is about as easy to use as picking your nose!
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    There are so many online software for video editing and apps also but it depends on you what you like to edit.

    I like to recommend you to use filmora, that's one of the nice software.
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