Recommendations for company to help me with cosmetics import (from China) and regulations

Discussion in 'International Business' started by A_m90, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Hi everyone. I am about to start selling a cosmetic product in the UK which is made in a factory in China. I am looking for a consultant or company to help me stay compliant and help me obtain the necessary licenses/certifications I need to sell this product in the UK, specifically around CPNP, whether I need a Cosmetic Product Safety Report and EORI.

    At the moment I am unclear on what certifications I need, what is the most cost efficient way to get them, and anything else I need to be aware to be fully compliant with any import/cosmetics regulatoins in the UK.

    I have already sourced a supplier in China for the product, have already checked the samples and negotiated a price so I don't need help with sourcing, it is just the import and certification I need assistance with.

    Any recommendations for companies or individual consultants who can help me?
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    @A_m90 - you might well tell me off for not answering your question. I will risk it!

    I am really hoping that you can tell me you are experienced in sourcing and importing other products from China? Your note 'it is just...... I need assistance with.' is the sort of phrasing that an over confident newbie to buying from China might make.

    "Checked the samples....." means you are certain they are safe? You will be 100% liable for them. How will you tell that the stuff you order is the same as the samples?

    Sorry to blow cold on this, particularly if you are an old hand at importing and you know exactly what you are doing, it just doesnt sound like it.

    (Yes I have imported a lot from China, but I would run away from anything electrical or food or cosmetic. Risk too high)
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    Hello, yes unfortunately you are right, I am a newbie. I know I need to get someone to advise me on all of the above, including the product safety testing certifications, hence my post :) If you have any recommendations, let me know.
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    Testing at a reputable lab, labelling, marketing - those are seperate from the shipping.
    I think well of Shapiro but there are plenty of other shipping agents and companies able to get the product through customs and to your door.
    Shipping costs are high at the moment from what suppliers report.

    You will have shipping costs, duty, vat and of course the product price.

    Not as well up on the lab side since Brexit, used to be an EU lab would work, no idea if that is still the case this year.
    Lab testing is a minor cost. Getting the product usually far more.
    And biggest cost marketing which can be higher than all your other costs together if doing an unknown brand.

    Oh and do not forget your product liability insurance. Cosmetics can cause allergic reactions.
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    I am in a similar place with the import of tea from Nepal. So far I have contacted (which may be different from your case) and some local UK labs (as they know which criteria UK products needs to meet) I am not sure if they can hold any responsibility for your product.

    My supplier obtained some local/EU certifications but similarly to China I would suggest limited trust.

    this is a good start and indication gov uk/import-goods-into-uk
    however, it might be not so clear.
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