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    Hi There,

    We are looking to get some quotes with regards to a Pub/Bar fit out over the next couple of months....without a venue.

    We have an estimation for costings but I understand it's very difficult to quote for something like this without having a venue.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with that and if they can help provide next steps?

    Some info and numbers I can share:
    Looking for a 2,500-3,500 sq ft venue
    It must be an already or ex functioning hospitality venue (no need for extraction or cellar etc)
    8-12 week turnaround

    Costing Estimates:

    External Walls - 2,000
    Windows and External Doors - 2,000
    Internal walls and Partitions -1,500
    Electrical Installations -2000
    Plumbing Installations -2500
    External Works & Drainage -1,500
    Plaster & paint FOH / BOH 2,000
    Kitchen stainless steel & tiling 1,000
    Toilets tiling 1,000
    Additional design finishes 2,000
    BOH floor finishes 1,500
    2 FOH floor finishes 2,000
    Ceiling Finishes BOH 500
    Ceiling finishes FOH 1,500

    What does this look like to you guys? And is there any way you can help get an accurate estimate together without a venue?

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  2. The Byre

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    That is a 300-350 sq m venue. I'll put it this way. Our canteen kitchen is about 35 or 40 sq m, so about one-tenth of the size. Without equipment and without labour, the materials cost about £3,500 wholesale. That was without windows and doors and just first-fit electrics.

    And that was eight years ago! Prices for building materials have gone up significantly since then. Remember that was just cable, plasterboard, paint and floor tiles and all the stuff that goes in behind them like Kingspan, cement boards and battens.

    I think you guestimation should be multiplied by about five if you are to include labour and add windows and doors. Then add the cost of kitchen fittings and FoH furniture.
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    Hi JBropub,

    Its a difficult one to estimate based on square footage alone, as site specific factors alongside what finishes and products you are looking to use can either increase the costs or provide potential value engineering opportunities.

    If you're looking to get yourself a ballpark figure, you'd be best to find a venue similar to what you are looking for and base your price on that. Which should at least provide you with a more informed budget figure.

    Hope that helps.

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    What about EPOS, CCTV, aircon etc?
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    As correctly pointed out by @Slimslim , it becomes difficult to give an exact answer to that, perhaps the folks who know better should.

    However, in my experience in dealing with several establishments dictates that the theme/styling of your pub/brewpub should be decided well in advance at the fit-out stage itself. A couple of reasons for this, chief among which is the fact that depending on the theme you choose for your pub, you're probably going to have to make some changes to the fit-out anyway.

    I've had a similar case with a Scandinavian restaurant that spent a whole lot of money working fit-outs for their pubs/restaurants only to realize a bit later during the decor & FF&E stage that they wanted to go for a Scandinavian-Industrial theme which involved a lot of the brickwork & partitions to be exposed. People wrongly assume that the entire decor part is the last stage, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
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