Product Reviews - Internal or External?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Steven001, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Steven001

    Steven001 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I'm developing a new website for a client and he wants his products to have reviews but isn't quite sure whether to use a paid system for retrieving reviews like REEVOO or whether to get me to build an internal review system.

    The internal review system would work based on a customer order number so only actual customers of the business could leave reviews on their website's products.

    Note: this is nothing to do with customer service or business reviews, just the quality of the products.

    What would you do? Are services like REEVOO reliable?
    Posted: Nov 8, 2018 By: Steven001 Member since: Aug 1, 2018
  2. WebshopMechanic

    WebshopMechanic UKBF Regular Full Member

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    Independent reviews always look more official and trustworthy. It's a major trust signal. Internal reviews often look engineered and not as impactful.

    I've used Revoo, Feefo, Trust Pilot,, Yotpo and Bazaar Voice. All work well.

    Trustpilot are the big boys (just passed 50 million reviews) but not the cheapest. Feefo is one of my favourites.

    The beauty of an independent review provider is that you can use the reviews across all your marketing material. They also have SEO benefits and PPC benefits with stars appearing in the ads which encourages click-thrus.

    Posted: Nov 8, 2018 By: WebshopMechanic Member since: Apr 27, 2017
  3. MaureenP

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    Retrieving internal review with REEVOO is ok but there are also many other review based services are available in the market so you should have to compare them with each other.

    And when it comes to external reviews, it is also good because online reviews benefit business in many ways such as boost the company brand, reputation and online marketing.
    Posted: Nov 16, 2018 By: MaureenP Member since: Mar 28, 2016
  4. MEAVO

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    It sounds like wasted time / cost to build an internal review system when so many external solutions exist, and would agree that anything internal looks self-promoting (would negative reviews really stay there).
    Posted: Nov 16, 2018 By: MEAVO Member since: Nov 12, 2018
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