Printed t-shirt expert, Artokingo, now releases their first collection for printed shirts

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    UK's cool t-shirts maker, Artokingo, celebrating the world of artwear with limited edition long-sleeve shirts.

    Artokingo is born out of a struggle to find cool t-shirts made from high quality materials in 2013. The brand has been gaining an audience within design-minded people who love unique t-shirts. British t-shirt expert, Artokingo, just announced the arrival of long-sleeve shirts. The collection features vivid colours, exclusive designs and premium fabrics as same as their t-shirts.

    "Thousands of online stores are claiming to offer unique t-shirts of various themes. They are just selling ordinary designs printed on cheap t-shirts. What differ us from the market is our quality principles; premium materials, organic inks and exclusive designs. We only work with a select group of artists from around the world. Now, we have transferred our values to long sleeve shirts and created a long-awaited collection," said brand manager, Mr Deniz.

    The brand offers a unique alternative to the mass merchandising with more than fifty exclusive t-shirt designs and four shirts designs on their website. New designs added regularly to their funny t-shirts collection. The brand is also expected to launch a new collection for sweatshirts and hoodies by the end of October, which will be extraordinary gifts to give for Christmas.
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