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    I am in the process of launching a new business and it is all to do with personalisation on goods such as clothing/prints.

    I am really struggling in terms of finding how to write my returns policy as I have done research and the HMRC say that you don't have to accept returns on personalised goods unless faulty, however, it is illegal/you can be fined to state that you don't accept returns as it can mislead the consumer?

    I have also looked on other websites and got advice and some people say 'no policy is the best policy' but others say that you must let your consumers know about a no returns policy?

    How do I go about knowing what I can and cannot say? Please help!
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    What HMRC say is correct - you state that you only accept returns if the item is faulty.
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    Would something like this be okay? -

    we want to allow our customers and consumers the ability to personalise and customise their clothing through each step of the process. As each item is tailor-made and personalised to each individual customer, we can only accept returns if they are faulty.

    We cannot offer a refund if a customer:

    • knew an item was faulty when they bought it
    • damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it (though they may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund)

    • no longer want an item (eg because it’s the wrong size or colour)
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    I don't understand point one. Are you selling seconds/faulty items and making that clear at time of purchase? Otherwise faulty items need to be replaced.

    Your policy should be much simpler. "As our products are bespoke/customised to your specification we can not accept returns unless the item is faulty".

    You also need a process in place to protect against the inevitable customer who decides to damage something they don't want in order to get a refund.
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    As a company who sold workwear with personalised either names or company logo's either printed or embroidered, you find customers of all sorts, by far the majority are first class buyers, but in the rag trade you always get a small percentage who damage the goods as a reason to return them as basically they have changed their mind, , a small hole here or a run in the material there, poor quality material, or shape, you name it it will happen

    Even non logo items returned with heavy makeup or perfume stains. Many other sellers complain ladies clothing worn once and then returned as unworn

    Clothing is a major problem with online selling for sellers
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    Agree with Chris above, one reason I stopped selling clothing online many years ago.
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    It is really worth getting a professional to writh your terms and conditions so that you adhere to the law and don't leave silly loopholes in them.

    That said, I have always been told that any return poilicy should include "Nothing in this policy removes your Statutory Rights."
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    Thank you for this, what would you advise for me moving forward?

    I was thinking of taking photographs of each item of clothing before packaging it up to send to the buyer, that way I have evidence/proof of the quality of the item?
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    Exactly what sort of personalised clothing are you selling?

    Bespoke £1000 suits or £10 t-shirts with vinyl prints on?
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  10. Chris Ashdown

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    There is not much you can do, If it was marks, Makeup or perfume etc on returned items we took a photo and sent it to the person stating it was returned in a non resalable condition and therefore we could not refund them , but if they paid the postage we would return it to them or else keep it for one month and then destroy it if nothing heard back, few paid the second postage

    For damage we inspected it closely to see if it was a tear or cut (quite easy to see), if in doubt we sent back to our suppliers for their judgement, If serious doubt we gave them the benefit of the doubt and refunded

    A phone call offering to send a replacement gives you a strong suggestion if they dont want one and the original has been damaged but not anything you can do about it

    Best solution is not to sell expensive or fashion ladies clothing. depending on items the returns can be between 10 to 20% or even higher, with men your unlucky if you get 1 or 2 a year returns
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