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    Just a little hope - in case like me you folded a company in March and have personal guarantees -
    Iwoca settled two large debts for about 20%
    Full and final , very easily and graciously -
    And I was prepared for them to be the worst !
    Capital on tap stuff gone to dca so hopefully of good low offer too
    But be warned people just. Cash flow plc
    Wow- a very aggressive monster - not even following pre action protocol or answering formal complaint so gone to ombudsman - even siloed about stopping interest - they are being very underhand in a way I haven’t experienced from a creditor in a long long time
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    Sounds like you've had a **** time of it in the last year, so glad you're getting a few small personal successes.
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    Glad at least part has worked out.

    Yes some creditors don't care about legalities they just want their money in full... and quick.
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    Hey, im in the same position with capital on tap, i have been paying them a reduced monthly payment via an arrangement but the interest they charge is wiping out the payment and the balance is not going down.

    I want to settle the account and get out of it, how are you getting on with them? were they willing to accept a one off final payment thats less than the outstanding balance? any tips?

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    Haven’t paid a penny since November 2019,
    They sold the debt on to arrow /
    CApquest , but apparently they can’t be give me breakdown of the amount owed / if you can’t list what I owe , I can’t pay it? That’s my stalemate .

    also the paperwork there sent through with ‘personal guarantee ‘ was unsigned.

    What have they sent you ?

    Typed names inserted by software have a defence
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