Magento AB Testing Extension has been released

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Apr 25, 2013
Amasty is happy to introduce a new extension that currently doesn't have any analogues - Magento AB Testing

This module is not connected with Google Analytics experiments, thus you won't need to create a duplicate page each time you need to set up a split test. Moreover, you won't need to figure out a way of inserting Google experiment code in the head section of your original page.

Our AB Testing Extension will let you to:

- Test particular attributes for a group of products at a time;
- Test product pages design with Custom CSS Override option;
- Run as many split test as you need simultaneously;
- Manage tests duration;
- Display test variants to customers according to conversion rates;
- Get accurate test data and act accordingly.

A more detailed description, user guide and demo can be found at
Not open for further replies.

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