Looking for stock management system (B2B, non-ecommerce)

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    Hi all,

    We have a long established business that has grown a stock holding to the point where our paper/excel systems are being stretched to their limit and before they break we want to get something more resilient set up.

    I am looking for software (web ideally but desktop/hybrid probably fine) that will do:
    • stock management
    • purchase orders
    • sales orders
    • stock in multiple units (pallets > pieces > length of piece) - this seems to be the hard part to find
    We don't operate FIFO specifically as the goods are different lengths so we always pick specifically for each order.

    The goods are low quantity, high value. We have typically 300-500 pieces in stock across 80-100 pallets. The issue is pieces can be different lengths and we need to be able to pick specifically.

    Nice to haves would be:
    • mobile access
    • multi currency (we buy in € sell in £)

    Having searched for these systems online so many are focused on ecommerce business, integrating with amazon and the like which is of no interest to us, we are B2B with a small number of accounts/account managers.

    Reaching out in case someone has any tips for something they might use or used previously that could help, searching for this online feels like swimming through treacle! So many options and none seem close, the closest I have found so far I think would be:
    • unleashed software (trialling now)
    • Katana
    • inflow inventory
    But to be honest I don't have high hopes for these.

    Cost is not too much of a concern if it can do what we want/need!

    All the best, A
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    I would recommend using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, which would streamline your operations and negate the need for manual paper/excel use.

    We use Dear Systems and Odoo to successfully deploy ERP solutions to our customers, which efficiently combines all departmental operations within one interface (desktop or mobile/tablet):

    • Sales: CRM function to track opportunities and orders
    • Accounts: Integration of Xero accounting software
    • Warehouse Inventory: Realtime reporting on stock levels to ensure orders can be fulfilled without any delays
    • Order production: Alleviate manual paper order processing by receiving orders electronically via the ERP platform, improving order tracking visibility and speed to order completion. With cutting-edge warehouse and production management, there are multiple features to make logistics operations more efficient.
    Both offer free trials to give a flavour of how integrating within the business can really help streamline the end-to-end order process.

    Happy to help further if needed.

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