Looking for a shared host <£40

Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by Karimbo, Jun 14, 2020.

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    cpanel host required, preferably a reliable company with years of service and good customer support. Speed is important (happy with above average).

    Must have addon domains (up to 6 sites)
    10GB storage
    bandwidth 200GB
    30 mysql database
    20 emails
    free ssl

    I'm currently with tsohost, I had a good £39.99 (Inc) deal with the original owners. But each subsequent owner has increase the cost and is now £61.13.
    Posted: Jun 14, 2020 By: Karimbo Member since: Nov 5, 2011
  2. Karimbo

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    Looking at webhosting talk, there is a UK based company, in the industry for 10 years.

    farbyte.uk (not linking as i dont want them to see this chat on their analytics and come and talk themselves up).

    their sales thread here: https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1811971
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    What you're currently paying for that isn't much at all to be honest.

    If they still charged £40 for that and provided good service then they wouldn't be making any money, especially after providing support.

    Around £60 would be the minimum for that, especially if you want to use cPanel, given the increased costs associated with cPanel now.

    Obviously you're not using cPanel at the moment with TSOHost (assuming you don't have a legacy cPanel account with them), but it's arguably the best hosting control panel, and most hosts won't be running a proprietary control panel (which is a good thing).

    If speed and reliability is important then look for pure SSD storage, and a web server above standard Apache, such as the premium LiteSpeed web server, or Nginx.

    I don't think you'll find a good web host providing such an account for less than what you pay currently, so if you do choose another host - I'd do so on support, service and performance, rather than price.

    Any decent host will provide Let's Encrypt for free SSLs.

    Most large hosts won't manually migrate a website free of charge, which is required assuming you're using TSOHost's proprietary control panel at the moment, but a decent smaller provider should be happy to.

    We've migrated quite a number of UKBF members from TSOHost (who typically joined them when they were Vidahost), as their support and performance has gone downhill over the years.

    Good luck with your search.

    All the best,

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  4. ServWise

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    Have to agree with Hi Hosting, what you are asking for is a lot for what you want to spend, you are welcome to look at our offerings..
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  5. WESH.UK

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    Are you actually using 200gb of monthly traffic on a shared server or is this just a "Nice to have"?

    What's your current actual usage?

    I can tell you now that £40 + cPanel + 200gb of monthly traffic = Slow servers / Oversold.

    Anybody offering you that, check out the speed of their own website and you will see what I mean.
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  6. webhostuk

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    Is price your only concern to migrate? If you are looking for reliable service you will have look into increasing your budget.
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  7. Mike Hayes

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    Have to agree with other posts - don't expect great service for those specs at that price in today's market. Would also strongly recommend against addon domains unless you're only hosting static websites but that's a different subject!

    The best value and service cPanel hosting I know of in the UK is Freethought Internet, would always recommend them for managed hosting, although you're looking at £60 inc. VAT for the specs you want: https://www.freethought.uk/cpanel-web-hosting/
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  8. Karimbo

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes after looking around it does seem that £50-£60 pa is the ballpark I should be expecting to pay. Their new customer rates are actually a lot more expensive than what I am paying so they have tried to keep the prices close to my original amount as much as possible. I just reviewed the price increases over the last 3 years and seemed like I was being shafted.


    My concerns aren't just over the past though. I forgot why I originally marked on the calender to leave until I jogged my memory a little. I have several instances with tsohost.

    I used it for a b2b consulting business where I get customers onto my email and sometimes have 7-8 back and forth emails with customers. I had no less than 3 issues with tsohost over emails.

    1) On server takeover they capped the total emails to 20 per day, I was getting undelivered emails until someone at tech support realised the daily cap and increased it and made me promist I'm not using it for spam.

    2) At another time I didn't receive any emails for an entire 48 hour period. I was in the middle of closing a sale with a customer and suddenly my email went dead. It was 4:30pm, I presumed they just called it a day - then I received phonecalls from the client the following morning in a bit of a panic asking what is going on with the order. The email was stuck in pergatory, I wasn't receiving any undelivered notification, neither was she. I reported the issue to them but I just got the standard "our tech are working on it".I had to take it over to my gmail and have my banking client email to my personal gmail.

    3) third issue I'm equally to blame, they changed email servers but put the notice out as 3rd/4th agenda on a newsletter and I missed it. But I didn't pay attention to the outlook errors, thought it was just ususal error reports that you just ignore and fixes itself later on.

    So I put a note on my diary that I need to change web host on renewal.

    Probably time to go for a smaller independant web host that doesn't have overstretched staff who are running around putting out fires as they ignite.
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  9. HW-J

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    Price has increased quite considerably looking at that! Have they upgraded the specs of the package since 2011 or has it remained the same? Just trying to think how they can justify such a price increase.
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  10. HostXNow

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    You can get what you're after for around £40/year and it's fine.

    Ps look for NVMe as it's faster than SSD.

    In order:

    1. NVMe
    2. SSD
    3. SAS
    4. SATA
    NVMe is the latest and best storage that should help your sites load faster.
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  11. Karimbo

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    Well that was worth it. I took out one of the hosts mentioned here, won't name who because I want to keep my identitiy anonymous to my business.

    Website loads up a lot faster than it did with tsohost. I got more storage, more bandwidth than I did with tsohost as well.
    Posted: Jun 23, 2020 By: Karimbo Member since: Nov 5, 2011
  12. Dolphin-Design

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    Check out @ryedale . Been very good for me
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  13. Karimbo

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    I changed hosts over, I have been tracking the performance of the new hosts with site24x7.eu, it pings your website every 10 mins and indicates downtimes. It also records the speed of response and tells you how well the site loads on the server too.

    It's free to use for 5 sites, and was very revealing.

    I switch a site from tsohost to hostxnow. Wow, 30ms response time. I also switched another site from posilan to freedomthought as well.

    Hostwithlove is up next for canning, renewal is on 1st November and I'll be looking for a replacement, it's running 1second delay on average which is poor.

    I didn't track the site that was on tsohost before, but I did track the posilan site. It used to have 4 second delays sometimes. The site would have constant downtimes, about 1h30mins of downtime per month. Since changing to freedomthought on 13th August, there wasn't a single detectable downtime. Here's an illustration on how drastic the changes can be when switching providers.


    Look at the improvement in site loading speed. Night and day difference, was on posilan before, now it's on freedomthought. Posilan used to be good before, I found out about them as they were a active member on this forum, but over time their service has been going downhill. Their packages haven't been updated in years either. They still offer "unlimited sites" for £47.99, but you only get 2GB storage which would barely fit a wordpress site with active email usage.

    Hostxnow has the edge as it's on litespeed server and is on NVMe (IIRC) for under £40. Freedomthought is on SSD. I noticed hostxnow is now charging £60 now. But still worth it. Have noticed rankings go up a bit.

    I do need to find a US server to replace hostwithlove as it's an affiliate site for the US market.
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    Thank you for the update @Karimbo I am glad to hear that you are happy with our web hosting service.
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