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    Hello, we use Linnworks and manually enter all the POs and SO onto Sage to run the vat return. We're upgrading our Linnworks and I want to integrate with Xero, but we have between 200-300 orders every day from PayPal, Sage Pay, Big Commerce and Amazon and I can't image how these numbers sales would be reconcilled with the bank accounts daily. Anyone out there any experience of Linnworks with Xero?
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    "Manually enter" sounds awful.
    I'm a Xero expert rather than a Linnworks expert, but essentially I'm used to considering data from any system.

    The upload routines within the Invoice area are good in Xero but at 200-300 sales per day, a daily upload would be recommended.
    Alternatively, have a look at eBG Linnworks adapter for Xero. This only covers the Sales and Sales Receipts. The information online on this integration tool is unclear as to whether sales invoices will be transferred at a product level.
    Take care when mapping the tax codes, especially if you have cross border transactions with the EU or the rest of the world.
    Consider where you wish to map the Bank Receipts for sales in order that there is an easy system match or reconciliation process.

    Linnworks doesn't appear to have any way of synchronising through the Inventory and Purchase side.
    If your inventory volumes cannot be negative, then you could use tracked inventory in Xero to generate cost of sales and inventory postings. This only works if the Linnworks sales integration can be done on a Product basis.
    In this instance, with the Purchase Orders to your suppliers, it may be best to use the "Bills" import area to upload the data on a product line basis, but don't forget to attach the tax invoices when they are received.

    The alternative for purchase postings, if you are happy just tracking inventory in Linnworks (and simply posting total stock values at the end of each of your reporting periods) is to consider using the free Xero Hubdoc software, which will automatically read the supplier, invoice number, total invoice value and total VAT from the purchase invoices uploaded (via email or photo on the smartphone app).
    Hubdoc also remembers previous accounts configuration for the same supplier, saving further posting time. It's great if you want to post each invoice to a single account, but it's multiline functionality is a weakness, as you have to manually input the multiple lines. This weakness makes it less useful if tracked inventory is activated, although it can still be utilised if you have a low volume of purchase invoices.
    Hubdoc will struggle if you have >10,000 Xero contacts.

    At the end of the day, there are a few alternatives, which need consideration to determine which is the best fit for your particular business and market.
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    Hello, thank you for you considered reply. I'm used to working with Xero with fewer POs and SIs so am still struggling to understand how that actual process would work here; I need to see a working model! Jane
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    Maybe an option to switch to a different provider. Linnworks is pretty awful for stuff like this. I think I have read somewhere that you can use Zapier to connect it to Linn but I am not 100% on it.

    Software like Mintsoft, KhaosCloud etc has the function already built in. Big job though!
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