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Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by anonuk, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Just wondering if anyone here knows the best software to integrate Amazon sales into Quickbooks Online.

    We previously used Sage and Tradebox to import all our amazon sales in near real time and it was spot on. Everything imported with 100% accuracy. However the product we are using now is absolute pants. Net prices are wrong, one or two orders a month missing completely (we get about 3,000 orders a month so not an easy task to go looking for the one order that’s wrong), and now I’ve just found a load of orders spread out across the past 12 months where all figures are showing as zero.

    I don’t want to name the software company but I’m really starting to pull my hair out with it. We are vat registered and cannot afford to be submitting vat returns with errors in caused by software not working as it should.

    So....what do you use and would you recommend it (and why)?
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    It's my problem too. I have tried a software but i found it expensive, I think it was a2x
    I now manually creat invoices.. which is not too bad
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    Yes I have looked at A2X but that only posts summaries to Quickbooks based on your disbursements and not the individual sales. I have briefly looked at Entriwise which seems a bit better but could only download transactions for two disbursements in the trial.

    I also looked at some software for importing via csv but I’d like it to be as automated at possible really.

    I’m not overly concerned about the cost as it’s a massive time saver (eg we’ve had 60 orders today so far and to input those into Quickbooks will be a couple of hours work), so if I can pay £100 or so per month then that’s not too bad.
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