importing with no VAT number, EORI only

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    What is the maximum amount of value I can import without a VAT number, was it 68 or 69000 pounds?
    I'm a South African citizen, wanting to import electrical equipment (does UK need IEC safety reports for getting LOA's, do you have LOA's (letters of authority), or do you just use the CHIEF DTI system, I'm not sure but I may need a iec safety report for an electrotechnical commodity, yes, regardless also get the commodity code/ BTI...

    I would need a british registered trade adress to get an EORI, am I wrong?
    I'm not sure all I need to import, I mean an Eori, or how much
    will a customs / import handle for my sake, I mean? Do te customs thing
    and then hand over the rest of the affair to a freight forwarder.

    What do I need in order for a customs agent to be able to do their thing?
    I'm totally new at this, its so depressing because I thought I could figure out all the HMRC forms and do it myself, but its just made me sad, I mean, sure I need a commodity code to get a tarriff on an item, a BTI from the TSO, and once I have that I can apply for a DTI license - how exactly do I get that DTI license I mean - don't i need to get that in order for the agent to do their thing, or is that part of their job, and is the cost correct, that agents get roughly 300 pounds a pop for clearing a shipment?

    I don't have a clue and I'm sure anyone reading this must know what a buffoon I am. I am actually very interested in how this all works but I'm quite bemuddled now after days of reading.
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