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    Would really appreciate your advice regarding a graphic that I put together on canva yesterday, which I would like to include on my website.

    Considering that I run a pet sitting agency, I have tried to ensure that our site is awash with information that we hope would answer peoples questions when considering having a live-in pet sitter, while at the same time, wanting our passion for animal welfare to shine through, so I wonder if this would be appropriate for our home page.

    I dont thing I can add an image, but it is a quote which reads ' Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened' by Anatole France. It is in a blue box, which I would like to place on the website. Do you think this would be appropriate?

    My website is

    I am also looking to add 'Petsitters wanted', to our menu bar at the top of our home page, so can anyone recommend a utube video on how to do this please?
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    Hi there!

    I think it is appropriate if it adds something to the site. If it is one of those things that draws too much attention without offering anything for the user then I would tend to avoid it.

    As for adding a menu item, it looks like you are using Wordpress. I am not allowed to post links yet, but there are plenty of guides available if you google "adding a new menu item in wordpress"

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    I would add in the main header, by the video a 'book now' button. Should be as clear as possible how to make a booking.
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    And actually have a proper booking page, not just contact us. Doesn't need to be a live booking, but should feel like a booking page, not a contact page.
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